Spring Anime 2011 – Round 2

Second concurrent episodes for Nichijou, Hanairo and Dog Days is out. Round 2 guys?

Other spring shows I’ll get to, I have the willpower to @_@

Nichijou 02

Oh that surreal humour…


and lawl, Mio’s a fine yaoi artist.

As per usual Nichijou continues to live up to its spiffy name. Just another damn everyday life.
I still can’t get over the fact that the OP is SUNG BY A GUY.

Hanasaku Iroha 02

Careful with that axe Ohana, you might cut yourself – OH WAIT!

Not much really progressed this week in terms of plot, but rather, we delve deeper into Ohana’s childhood and her disputes between her mother (ditching her parents day and that epic dinner time), how she became overly independent leading to her not relying on anyone but herself and also how she is the one and only female iron chef (man how Minko got TOLD through Ohana’s cooking skillz). That Waveroom famous author man comes to be the center of attention later into the episode accusing Ohana to have thrown out his “masterpiece of the century”, and that “masterpiece of the century” seems to be some generic ero-fan-tale of Ohana, as revealed just seconds before the end of the episode. Will there be an explanation to this in ep 3? We’ll see.

Glad to see Ohana finally taking the first step (aggressively) getting to know more of Minko and Nako after much distance between them constantly increasing from the moment they met. Was pretty peculiar how Ohana asked of them their least favourite food and intending to make it for them, being that Ohana was pretty pissed I could see why. Nako, that timid one was strangely accepting of the predicaments as believing it is to pay off her debt to Ohana.

Ice breaker if one of them said; “Please be gentle!!!”

Needless to say, episode 2 proved to be rather intriguing, plot-wise and especially, character development-wise. And from what I learned from this episode, is that you shouldn’t go telling people to go die. It is very rude you know…

Dog Days 02


Oh dear. OH dear. OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR. And here I thought Dog Days would break that generic ecchi barrier… well episode 2 turned out to be rather controversial for me, as it shattered a few of my expectations of this series into little grainy tiny pieces.

Firstly, that overused falling over into a sexual position techinque – IT HAPPENED.
Secondly, character exploitation – MY LORD! But luckily forgiven as Eclair is awesome as fuck (Ayana Taketatsu? I am so in)

Fortunately, the first point I mentioned can be forgiven as the Engliish MC isn’t like the pure pure Japanese boys you’d see in ecchi slice of life.

>He gropes Eclair
>Realises she’s a girl
>Proceeds to grope a few more times just to make sure
>No embarrassed reaction

Damn I couldn’t believe my eyes when this occurred. Finally can this be an age where male MCs will finally get some balls? No more rehashed anime cliches? *inb4 beach ep* And also perhaps girls in harems aren’t specifically made sexual?

Giggity goo!

Well, aside from those points, episode 2 turned out fairly good considering it’s build up from the previous ep, the MC whom I always forget his name looked badass in the war and of course, the side he was on won the battle against that evil cat woman and all is well. Until they realise the MC is stuck in that world forever and ever and ever.

So yeah, Eclair servie is what really made this ep god-tier (I’m not being hypocritical here right!?)


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