Spring Anime 2011 – Round 3

Hen Zemi, A Channel and Astarotte no Omocha next in my Spring lineup, so let’s GET OUR GUNS ON!

Hen Zemi (TV)


Kind of reminds me of KissXSis airing around this time last year; first a eromanga, then a eroova and now a erotvseries, vice versa. Weird that it’s only 12 minutes long being half the duration of a normal 24 minute animu… My initial thoughts of Hen Zemi was simply; “SYD if it actually went all the way.”

This episode… well, I was actually expecting more of a normal anime get-up with the first episode to introduce all the characters, the setting and its raison d’ĂȘtre. Well, I got slapped with what seems to be a pink wet rotar of a big vibrating NOPE. It instantly jumps into a self-denying plot probably adapted from the manga about that NTR guy Kenji and his bitch splitting up making Nanako think she may have a chance to get down…. OH WAIT – THIS IS THE PLOT OF THE SECOND OVA!

Well, the actual TV episode I didn’t quite consume, the basic plotline I got was Nanako being rejected of her paper report about farting in the bath tub… imagining to see things you can’t see and touch the things you can’t touch…yeah

Thing is – I don’t really get the point in Hen Zemi. The only thing I really know is a straight, generic and innocent looking girl enrolling in a weird course at uni with all these demented, pervered outcasts of society. And shit happens (like the Nanako service in this ep). Perhaps the manga actually explains it right, but the anime, well, just screwed up my perspective of this show. Probably the anime is more aimed at the audience who has read the manga – maybe. I haven’t read the manga yet (nor do I intend to…?) but really, wouldn’t a proper introduction to everything in the world of Hen Zemi be kind of nice to show? The art… sort of like. It is in no soubt that Xebec has really gone all out on the animation, it’s smooth, clean and clear, it’s just that I’m not really fitting in with the chubby character designs. Is it just me, or is it that everyone their is either self-consciously fat or just fat boned? Also not really liking the grainy quality implemented, that maybe being the company or just the subber’s evil doings.

Drop and abandon Hen Zemi as a whole? We’ll see. And the only reason I’m clinging onto this is because it has Kana Hanazawa…

A Channel

This show just reminds me of K-ON!, all over. Four leading characters? Yes. All girls? Yes (minus being a coed school). Moeblob. HECK YEAH!

Although the character background roster is rather than that of Keionbu, three of the characters are all in the same year in Achannel as well as one underclass men who had just enrolled. Perhaps sticking true to the name of Yonkama tradition, but why did I just go compare this to K-ON?

The first episode really jumps into things focusing the slice of life happenings of our quadruplets after Tooru finally enrols to her long-time friend Run’s high school, being a year above her she surprised over the fact that she had made some new friends over that separation gap year between them, Nagi and Yuuko. Really this episode is that it offers other than Tooru’s constant molestation on Yuuko from tickling to boob-upper-cutting and of course them deciding to choose with optional subjects to take in school. And just to be with them in class Tooru wishes to be in the same subjects as Run.

It’s actually pretty cute to how Tooru is always overprotective towards Run, who’s a first year taking care of a air-headed second year, *who has a ringtone of the sound of sizzling cooking meat on her phone*. Tooru herself as well. Those oversized school uniform, that excess sleeves, that air of mystery and of course, those delicious thighs *pedolol*. Which comes to the my point towards the character designs. Those ridiculous twig-like legs! Is there actually anyone in Achannel who is actually obesed in some way? And that Nagi… thinking she’s overweight, has she even seen her legs? I gotta feel for Yuuko being constantly abused by Tooru. It isn’t her fault that she was misunderstood getting down with Run and having the biggest breasts out of the group. She actually reminds me very strongly of Mio from K-on, aside from their bearing similarities in appearance and voice, they both share the same job of being the prey out of the group as well as ‘the most developed’. I still wonder what is the deal with the ‘innocent’, emphasised relationship with the boys and Run. It’s kind of weird seeing a pack of guys surrounding Run and just talking to her just like it was a normal person in everyday life. Fingers crossed there’ll be no Achannel gangraep doujins in the next Comiket…



Anyone care to explain why Run was carrying a craft knife with her…?


All in all Achannel started off pretty well in both character and plot-wise, the animation is really well done especially the cutesy super deformation on the characters. Which goes to show Studio Gokumi, a studio not that commonly heard of has done a really good job.

Astarotte no Omocha!

Oh yes it’s finally here! After hearing the news that this was going to become an anime and also that notable plot summary that everyone in /a/ knows, I thought it’d be pretty interesting to read this beforehand to see how it’d turn out.

So basically, the reason why this series caused such a stir in the animu community was that of the profound summary that is always presented by default. Condensed the summary literally explains the show to be a under aged 10-year-old succubus having her own male harem in which she consumes the men’s semen, a holy substance it seems in order to survive. Of course, when you hear 10-year olds and consuming semen in one sentence you would know instantly this isn’t going to turn out good. But, well, after reading like the first 10 chapters I found out that this was not actually the case! The point in question was only really raised at the start of the series, only when the male MC comes in as a member of her ‘harem’, things start to drift entirely away from that focal point to become just another generic slice of life romantic comedy. The best part of it all – IT’S RELATIVELY WORKSAFE.

The anime takes a more alternative approach to the start of the story, as it begins at an earlier time way before when it started in the original manga. Things had also changed in terms of situations and setting but overall, brings about the same exact outcome in the end. I would be glad to list them out here, but it would drag on and I’ll be sounding like a donkey. But well the main difference was that both Naoya and his daughter Asuha enter the other world at the start in the anime, leading to the close encounter between Astalotte and Naoya, while in the manga it was only Naoya that came to the world by himself and it basically dragged on after that.

This I prefer really over the anime staying strongly loyal as ever over its original material as it shows an alternative take in the story telling as well as seeing something new. It would be boring like taking the example of Hayate S2 and Motto ToLoveRu. Both series just covered what was exactly presented and happened in its manga counterparts, and nothing much new had really happened if you had already read the manga. Which what I am hoping for with the upcoming THIRD SEASON OF HAYATE NO GOTOKU, (((make it so that it’s the real successor to S1, and also not being done by the bwakas of JC Staff))).

Do want…

Just according to keikaku.

Overall, the first ep turned out interestingly good. Bonus points also for the goddess of tsundere Rie Kugumiya appears taking the main role of Astarotte (I mean, who else could take this very golden role??). The animation is really colourful as if it was a kids show (hah) and the plot development was consistent. For those wondering about the similar art style yes, this was originally came up by Yui Haga, the illustrator for Baka Test and so of course the anime illustrations would be no different.

On the downside, this episode really did deviate from how it started out from the manga, and left out rather important plot devices and hints that prove to be important towards the story (like how Naoya had a child! the loving innocent relationship between Asuha and Astarotte!). It’s also funny to see how they made such a big deal how Judit travelled to the real world and concerns how she may never come back. This wasn’t really much of a problem in the manga but given to the alternate setting in the anime, it proved to be very fitting… (damn, how I wanna see Judit in that fortune teller outfit… and HOW I wanna see this…!;)

For those wondering if they carried over the fact that our loving heroine must consume the ectoplasm of a man’s tiddlywink… NOPE. In fact they tried to take another approach to this and replace anything related to men’s jizz to LIFE SEEDS. You heard me right. (inb4 Madoka’s GRIEF SEEDS)

Suddenly, a mizugi episode appears next week! Supposing the fact the producers isn’t giving any kind of fuck towards the events in the manga…

One thought on “Spring Anime 2011 – Round 3

  1. unpursuable April 11, 2011 / 20:45

    seriously do want to watch nichijou now. kjdshfusef i am not ususally into the whole harem and ecchi anime since i never get good recs. BUT HERE I AM WANTING TO WATCH EVERYTHING ON YOUR LIST NOW :( there goes my spring sucked away by fantabulous animu girls.

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