Setting new grounds.

Tadaima~ (TN Note: Tadaima means “I’m back!”)

It’s been a while. More or less than a month since I blogged a decent post to this site to concentrate on my final high school exams. Welp, those exams are now -finally- over, I’ve officially completed High School and now I’m BACK kicking in the blogosphere! Insert massive applause if you will…. maybe not.


Now that I’m back, I thought as a way to efficiently re-invent myself, I’m going to lay down some new grounds that I’ll be adhering to until I get tired of it. To put it bluntly, and I accept it; the quality of my posts has been reasonably shite the past few months leading up to my break for exams. Come on. IT IS. Looking back on my posts waay back to fall last year, I feel that compared to other anime slash manga slash etc blogs out there there was something that was missing from my blog posts and writing that didn’t hold the same level of impact as others. My vocabulary as well didn’t seem to be vivid and more or less interesting as I’ve noticed since I tend used the same kind of words over and over again in all of my posts (this proved official when I did my English and Literature exams, which I dreaded greatly).

After some analysis, here’s the main three aspects that I seem to be lacking in my posts as of late;


This was mostly given, even I realised back in those times at the start of 2010. My posts seems to be lacking individuality as I feel that the style of writing isn’t wholly mine. The main injectors for this case are my constant use of immature internet language. You know, the “LOLOLOL” phrase and the more advanced use of “D’AWWW”, “<33333” and even the use of Japanese emoticons. This I feel really dumbs down how the post is compared to the level I intended to be, and makes the whole subject of the post seem less serious and just a over-exerted post from a typical Gaia user. So less of that and more typical /a/non discussions…haha


Being bias doesn’t really suit me as a person but blog-wise, being casually biased or even to the extreme can really boost impact and popularity in a blog post as I’ve witnessed in countless blogs I’ve stalked. It ignites some form of debate where users who don’t agree with the authors views can fight back in the comments and get the topic going. In contrast being UNbiased and being goody little two shoes in a blog will not necessarily sell, as I’ve witnessed with my blog with only an average of 3-4 comments each excluding the anime-news-themed posts ripped from news sites…

This also links in with my first point above in terms of individuality, being biased puts forth your views in a matter and thus, brings out a specific aspect in you as a person with your utmost views. I’ll stop here in case it gets too influential derp.


No shit sherlock. This I’ve been tacking ever since the dawn of time (specifically saying, April 2009). I know at first when I launched this blog I was fairly new to writing and used to hate back in my primary school days. But being Asian as I am and lacking in my second language, I thought blogging could be a nice way to work on my writing skills in aid to improve my English grades at school. In fact, this was 83.23924001% the reason why came to fruition. Over 2 years and counting, it has significantly paid off. At first I was predicted and doomed to get Cs and Bs for English with in mind that this wasn’t my first language, but, it all paid off after starting to blog when I’ve written over dozens of essays and all of them recieving As and A*s (hopefully the exam would even out!). So yeah. Vocabulary. Very important thing for blogging. And grammar. Grammar too. It’s a good thing :)

And so going over my three main flaws in blogging, here are some aspects I believe myself should work on and succeed;

  1. Focus on the QUALITY of CONTENT of POSTS, NOT the APPEARANCE (as I’ve been constantly tweaking the theme whenever I have the chance). Overly fancy appearance is never going make a blog great. As they always say; “Never judge a book by its cover”… though a decent appearance is necessary.
  2. PROOFREAD POST, AT LEAST FULLY ONCE. Seriously I should, and you guys too if you blog. How annoying it is for me when I go back and read my posts in my live blog when I see a spelling mistake or a grammatical error. I would then be all like “SHIT! WHAT IF SOMEONE SEES!” and hurrily go and rectify the mistake. This would then happen again once I return and read further, and discover more mistakes and so forth. So tl;dr, PROOFREAD MUDDERFUDDER!
  3. DOWN FOR EPISODICS. Seriously, if you haven’t known yet I HATE WRITING EPISODICS. Of course there are times I do enjoy it but that only applies to when the anime eps I’m writing are actually interesting and worthwhile to talk about. Most of the time it’s all just generic and I find it hard to comment about the context. Even writing the summary and deciding which screenshots to use is hard and a hassle (it even applies to episodes that are interesting!). Overall; it just wastes time and effort. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and there is some stuff to talk about… excluding that the episode was boring since if I say that all the time in each post it drags on and on and loses the post’s appeal. Overall series reviews, thoughts and impressions seems to be my fort, I found recently but needs work.
  4. ENJOY IT. While writing my posts for the past few months before I’ve taken my leave I found myself that the level of fun-ness of blogging was sky high at the start, but troddling on to 2011 now it’s way below in the dumps of new-hell. I seem to have lost my fresh motivation and will to write posts any more, maybe that’s why my posts has been dry as of late… But really, I really should find blogging as an enjoyable past time as it’s always has been. Perhaps the incoming Summer season will lift my spirits up, with more doses of moe goodness…*tehe*

So there you go  guys. To be honest while I was happily trolling around during my leave for exams, at times I felt perhaps I should quit blogging as a whole. But looking back, 3 years… three long years I’ve been going at it. While scanning through my posts page, which, has evolved through the years as well (props WordPress) I found it hard to believe I wrote all those posts back then. And while a few of my blogging bros have either quit or mysteriously disappeared through the years, I still kept on going while aquiring some new bros on the way. It’s that same feel when you’ve taken guitar lessons as your friends and the rest of the group did, but a year later you found yourself the only one left biting the dust as the others left either because it’s too hard or mysteriously left without a word (true story lol). And I thought to myself; why not still carry on? I’ve managed through the past three years with school and RL in the way, so why not 3 more with college and Uni in the way as the new contenders?

All in all, for those who feel tl;dr, it’s great to be back I’ll be sticking around for a few more years, like Kubo and his plain white HEART manga…*giggles*

PS. WE LOVE YOU MENMA!!!!!!!!! ;__;

PSS. Whoa the new posting page is great.


2 thoughts on “Setting new grounds.

  1. Fabrice Requin June 25, 2011 / 08:26

    Welcome back to the blogsphere =)
    i find it funny hwhy your putting groud rule when you blog, i thought blogging was something were you just do whatever that comes up since its a personal thing. mind i know what your trying to say, actually as i remember before when i was on your blog before i didnt find anything wrong with it honestly ^^ As for vocabulary haha sometimes i ask myself if what i wrote makes sense XD well best of luck with the change. Menma <3

    • Nyarth June 26, 2011 / 01:13

      Yeah you’re right, but this is mostly because of extreme OCD I’m feeling lately.

      We’ll see how it goes, I was actually kinda sceptical when I wrote this post so I think this isn’t formally definite in a way :P

      Fuck AnoHana is epic…

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