Hayate no Gotoku! THE DRAMA.

Speaking of Hayate, did you know that they started airing a drama adaptation? YES THEY DID. You probably would known from all the marketing messages on the chapter’s title each week. You also would have probably think naturally that with this live action drama it was typically picked up in Japan ohh no, IT IS ACTUALLY PICKED UP BY TAIWAN.

First impression post? Perhaps.

You may not think it, but I have watched a few live action Chinese dramas from time to time, namely because it is what my parents usually watch as opposed to UK TV (TVB lol). So I didn’t really feel alienated when I watched the first episode. And yes, I forcefully fested myself up to actually watch the hour and ten minutes first ep, and actually it’s not that bad, I think. Though because it’s a drama targeting the older teen and young adult market (17-25?) obvious changes have been made.

For example;

  • Hayate is now 21 years old, as opposed to being 16
  • Hayate’s name has been changed to Ling Qi Sa
  • Hayate’s debt is now at a sum of 55,556,789 TWD, though looking at currency rates, it’s more or less at the original 150 million yen.
  • Nagi is now roughly the same age as Hayate, though not confirmed in the drama
  • Even though the majority of the actors/actresses are Taiwanese, Nagi’s actress is Korean and has her voice dubbed over, terribly.
  • Nagi is not tsundere… anymore….?
  • Hayate is now a Uni student, since he is 21 and all that…
  • The location of the story is set in Taiwan, who knows why…
  • The Yakuza after Hayate’s organs is now your typical delinquent gangstas
  • Maria is in her 30s, sorry Maria…
  • Luckily, Maria’s name has been retained
  • Hayate’s parents’ are shown as typical azn parents, compared to the manga where his parents are in a simple silhouette
  • Klaus is now in his 40s, as opposed to being in his 60s, and is slightly more shorter than the original counterpart

This is just the first episode, but surprisingly, the first episode followed the original plot really well, aside from all the minor changes.
For example;

  • The scene where Hayate finds Nagi’s manga in chapter 4 has been replaced with Hayate finding a pot full of 50 Taiwanese dollar coins, tempting him to steal a few every day. Turning out to be a test from Maria as she observes him if he does or not.
  • After saving Nagi from the kidnappers and being ran over by the thugs, Hayate sees a dream from his childhood arguing with a girl  (YES NO SHIT IT’S A-TAN)
  • During the chase between Hayate on his bike and the Kidnappers, Hayate was simply knocked over on the side as the kidnappers cornered him, as opposed from being ran over at the front to his very imminent death in the manga (fyi, the computer generated effects of Hayate being run over sky high was terribly cliche).

In only a hour and ten minutes it’s already through half way chapter 4 of the manga. The comical humour is still there with some added computer generated effects, such as when the characters display a sense of emotion, it is executed in a light hearted way. The drama does improvise well as they included some additional funny scenes where the kidnappers are trying to kidnap Nagi when she was young, all trying to lead her all the way into their van. However they were all intervened by the SPs. Heck, they even retained the bathing scene between Hayate and Maria! Yes, they had the actress for Maria act in the NUDE! (obligatory bath towel to cover her privacy, of course).

Aside from that, watching the looooong preview for the next episode it is downright plain obvious that the plot will CHANGE COMPLETELY FROM HERE ON. Well not completely since they will be following the premise of the plot, but rather cutting out anything anime/manga related, it seems. Because Nagi is now around the same age as Hayate and the rest, the chances of her being a otaku, gamer and wannabee mangaka is far from anything as 0%. Wataru looks to be appearing next ep as some hot pretty boy fangirls will drool over, while the rest, like Isumi and even Hina is something to anticipate, even if they were already shown in the opening sequence.

Guys, this is Wataru. Claiming he is Nagi’s fiancée. Taking it easy thar…

The plot of when Hayate is driven out of the mansion by Nagi is something to expect as well (but not because of her manga) and the fact that the Yakuza- err the mafia will be hot on Hayate’s trails is something to be seen too. But judging from the preview the producers seems to be taking this point of the plot a little too far…

You see right, Maria pointing a typical handgun seen in Chinese dramas towards Hayate over aedging cliff, saying that he cannot no longer be alive or something…

But damn, 3D Hayate is right, Maria is hawwt…

Mhmm, the scene where Hayate is captured by the Yakuza and Nagi- err I mean MASK THE MONEY comes to the rescue is now some sort of major crime incident with crowds of eager and curious onlookers, police isolating the scene of the crime, helicopters whizzing around them probably broadcasting everything on the news and of course, motorbike gangs.

Overall, the first episode was sort of entertaining and pretty funny to watch, though with the length of the episode as well as the moderately significant change in characters and plot general fans of Hayate might not really come to like the drama as much as the anime and manga combined. The drama does show lots of the male protagonist and characters more over the female cast in contrast to the manga, meaning the drama is rather more geared towards the female-loving demographic.

I don’t know if I have the right mindset to watch the second episode, if not for anything, I’ll be watching to see who’ll be acting for Hina and how her character will turn out. Teehee…

My real-time tweets I did while watching the first episode can be found here.

One thought on “Hayate no Gotoku! THE DRAMA.

  1. fabricerequin June 27, 2011 / 16:10

    Nope nope NO WAY, MARIA 30!! wtf..
    thats it i thought i was going to give it a go but i would be able to keep watching a maria that is old -.- well kinda.. btw im a maria fan .. and somehow always wanted maria and hayate altought that would never happen haha oh well.

    i still might pick it up for the sake of hinagiku..

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