Hayate no Gotoku! THE DRAMA 02

Just when I thought I was about done with the drama adaptation, I went watched the second episode…

Notice before reading: All characters names are in its original Japanese given name. Screw the Taiwanese names they don’t really fit :P

Spoiler: Hayate dies :PP

Long summary:

Hayate is hospitalised after being bitten by a snake as a challenge, set by Klaus to prove his worthiness to become a butler. Hayate discovers Maria and the rest of Nagi’s servants are after her inheritance, and intend to either have Hayate join them or throw him off the cliff, killing him to silence any witnesses. Only to realise after thinking he’s been thrown off, it was all a set-up to prove that he wasn’t protecting Nagi just for her money, passing the test.

Hayate cooks Nagi’s dinner on his first official day as butler. Maria becomes worried as she forgot to tell Hayate that Nagi hates milk, cauliflower and fish, only for Hayate to come out with the main dish entirely consisting of all the food listed. Surprisingly, Nagi reluctantly eats all of it.

Maria tells Hayate to take Nagi to the beach to see the sunrise as a way of thanking her for giving him the butler job. Maria gives the two a personal bus to ride in to go to the beach as there are no bus services at night. There as the sun rises, Hayate is unable to wake up Nagi missing out on her first time on the beach.

That morning back at the mansion, Maria gives Hayate a new coat worth 36,000TWD just as he was about to go out, bewildered by the value, Hayate becomes vigilant over the new coat as he walks outside. Only to fall into dire situations which may sabotage his new coat.

He returns to his old home only to have found it even more messed up, finding a photo of him and his parents on the floor and laments upon them, and tears.

Leaving his old home he is caught up by the mafia again who are still after his 55 million TWD debt. Hayate wants to pay back his debt over 80 year installments, however the loansharks disagree with the idea and are about to set him on fire with gasoline, only to have surrounded by a team of motorcycles, wanting their gasoline back. They suddenlu pay back the loansharks the money Hayate owes them and flees, leaving Hayate curious that the man who paid back the debt said that he’ll know him soon enough.

Back at the mansion, Hayate spots a suspicious person over at the pond garden, after much interrogating finding out who he is, the man tricks Hayate into falling into the pond, ruining his expensive coat. Maria arrives, to introduce the man as Nagi’s fiancee; Ju Xuan (Wataru).

After much apology from Hayate, he soon learns that it is soon Nagi’s 18th birthday, and discovers that Nagi doesn’t have much friends and her birthdays aren’t celebrated. However her 18th is an exception as Maria explains that Nagi will become the heiress of her company, and will be given the Royal Jade to take care of.

Master Zhe Yu (Isumi), a guy with spiritual powers is also invited as well to handle the Royal Jade due to its special attributes. However he is seen sleeping in the lounge with Nagi due to exhaustion of getting rid of countless evil spirits. He leaves, meeting with his butler outside who appears to be Nagi’s predessor butler.

Wataru warns Nagi that owning the Royal Jade means that there’ll be more people out there targeting her and the treasure, but Nagi is confident saying that Hayate will be there to protect her.

While preparing the bed for Wataru, Maria finds a seashell dropping out of Hayate’s pocket, thinking it was for Nagi, Hayate confesses that when he picked it up from the beach it was meant for Maria.




For another hour and ten minute episode, it covered a lot of scenes and elements from the manga. Not much as the obligatory first episode, but let me make this clear: THE DRAMA HAS ALREADY DEVIATED FROM THE MANGA PLOT.

The “Three Thousand Company” mansion… I wonder who lives in that in Taiwan.

At the end of the second episode we see the plot heading towards the original-drama-plot-the-producers-brainstormed where it is Nagi’s 18th birthday and for her first formal celebration she is to be given something that’s called the Royal Jade. Unsure as to what this is but it could be considered as another version of the King’s Jewel, as seen in the manga. It appears as well that Nagi’s birthday date has been changed too, as being on December 3rd in the manga it is not certain as to what time frame it is now in the drama.

But there is however a few elements in the drama that have been brought over from the manga at around volumes 2 to 3. The fact that Hayate is given an expensive coat remains, except that it isn’t cashmere and is a far more expensive than originally thought. The funny skits where Hayate avoids a combo of situations where his expensive coat is endanger of being ruined remains, just that Isumi isn’t there to end its misery. The scene where Wataru kicks Hayate into the pool and he is Nagi’s fiancee fits snugly into the drama’s plot remains in existence too. There are many more from Hayate returning to his home, being captured by the mafia again to Hayate taking Nagi to the beach to see the sunset and his organs becoming endangered. Was sort of disappointed that left out MASK THE MONEY. Would’ve been hilarious for the Korean actress to act in that costume XD

The WORST Cry Ever…

As for character introductions, much more, and surprising ones are found in this week are follows;

  • Himuro and Taiga appears as opponents to Hayate? Well being named as Murong Bing Shi and He Da He respectively, Da He was sprinkling flowers over Bing Shi and he did have this etiquette feel around him so I’ll relate the two to them, not that it appears they’ll ever be appearing again
  • Wataru appears! Stern and cold towards Nagi as he is, despite being much older than originally
  • Isumi appears…? As a guy that is? Well whether Zhe Yu is an original character or not he is said to have spiritual powers so I’ll relate him to Isumi

After this episode it seems as though the producers are trying to make every single character in this drama MALE except Nagi and Maria as if the two are in their own 3DPD bishounen harem or something… it’s now a wonder as ever if Saki, Hina or heck even Tama the white tiger will ever appear. Well a CGI snake DID appear in this episode, so who knows perhaps a CGI TAMA is in order next week…

The scene at the end of the episode is what really caught my attention; it’s nice to see Hayate and Maria’s ‘alone time’ is working so successfully where Maria wipes sweat off Hayate’s face and confesses he wanted to give the seashell to her. Something nice for people who are into that pairing…

For now as the story goes, just who is that guy who paid off Hayate’s debt? I was expecting Nagi to fly in and do the cue but the motorcycle gang is what threw me off. In the next episode is what appears to be the ceremony of Nagi’s 18th birthday. And by ceremony, A FUCKING HUGE CEREMONY. Nagi in some elegant dress, everyone in formal clothing as she receives the Royal Jade as what Hayate appears to be holding as a more better looking glass-pear-diamond wrist-neckace-ring-thing… I dunno what it’s called but it looks like a giant ring!

Overall this episode was remarkably generic as was the first. The acting seems fine though I can’t get over Nagi’s wooden tsundere-forced acting… Just how can a 3DPD actress act that tsundere in real life…?


The humour in this ep wasn’t quite as good as the first, though forgiven as there are much more serious scenes in this ep than the first. The CGI is cheap and cliche as ever in asian dramas, that snake and Hayate falling off the cliff… priceless. This episode too also incorperates yet another asian-drama-cliche what I like to call; “Serious-Hospitalisation-Scene-Where-The-MC-Is-Near-Perfectly-Saved-Via-Defibrillation-With-A-Doctor’s-Diagnosis-Extra”.

If you have no knowledge of Asian dramas to know what this is, then in a nutshell;

  1. A character’s life is in danger
  2. Said character’s friends and family are shitting their pants for them
  3. Serious medical procedure scene where they typically use defibrillation to save the characters life
  4. Close of up doctor’s sweat
  5. Countless scenes of the character jumping from the volts
  6. Close up on the life reader thing
  7. Life reader shows sign of life
  8. ????
  9. PROFIT.

So yeah, two episodes in and two volumes in, it seems the drama is screwing the manga off and is heading in its own direction… although not completely as it may take some plot elements in the manga; such as in the next episode from this week’s preview Wataru is seen challending Hayate to a duel, not with swords it seems but some traditional man to man combat. Oh well, let’s see how the story progresses from now.

Engrish insert song lyrics ftw

Sorry if this post is somewhat messy and cluttered, just can’t organise my thoughts straight after an hour and ten minutes of screen-capping and live tweeting and messaging… off to get a drink I suppose.

PS. Don’t expect a episode 3 post next week unless I’m really feeling like it. If so I’ll be live-tweeting as per usual so follow me on Twitter!

Dat lighter.

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