Sure is Summer in here

Hello everyone, long time no see.

So much for what I said in my last post, after I had wrote that and the posts after much has happened in RL that made me unavailable to blog.

Pic unrelated, of course.

And so, as some kind of formal announcement; I humbly take back some of the stuff I said in the latter post and say, that I’ll be inactive from blogging, but not ‘inactive’ as so to speak that I’m leaving it as a whole. It’s just that there’s many things happening around me in one go that appears to have taken my leisure time to kick back and write a full-on blog post, reduced to so that I only have witty time to make witty tweets. Witty.

Long story short, come around September as I’ll making my way into college, expect me to post at least one or two blog posts per month (or a few more depending on whether I feel like it). Note that in the meantime I am watching all of the seasonal anime, but don’t have much time to talk about them. I’ll leave that job to the more skillful anime bloggers out there.


BUUT. That is not the focal point of this post. As of today, the 14th of August, the 226th day of 2011, is a remarkable day for anime news and announcements, all the more even likely related to C80 that’s happening this Summer weekend.

I’m bored of this introduction. Lets get to it:


As I hopped on my laptop this morning (as in morning I mean 1pm…) and went through my Twitter timeline seeing what everyone was up to, I was more than surprise than to find a tweet from @RichardR revealing the plot of the upcoming K-ON! movie. Which, was previously a mystery among peers.

Was 100% sceptical at first, but when it came to looking at the article on ANN, it was all true.

Personally I thought it was very cunning for KyoAni, or Pony Canyon in this case to reveal the plotline of the movie ‘in one mundane sentence’ in such light of recent events.

Also, deep thoughts and condolences to everyone caught up and suffered in the Riots in England the past week. And damn you chavs with your stolen 3D Plasma TVs that you’ve probably forgot to steal those 3D glasses that go along with. Man up and walk in to your nearest Job Center faggots.

And so along with SanCom’s sensationalist piques, all the K-ON! fans and bystanders are in mixed reactions to this plot. From condemning their 2D girls from entering such a vile and dirty country (I live in the UK btw and seen NO riots around me) to trolls speculating possible scenes, tropes and references to Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and Beatles and wotnot (should really stop visiting /a/).

It’ll be a wonder when it comes around to December 3rd when the movie is released in Japanese theatres. Will they have chosen an idyllic country of England with tea, cake, crumpets, scones and clotted cream and handsome Prince William pure pure English bishonens no male humans roaming on the face of this Earth like the girls expected it to be, or will they get slapped hard in the fact that is the face of the sheer harsh reality of yobs, chavs, pregnant bitches and Argos and Tesco and Martins? Most likely the former, in this case as this IS K-ON! after all…

Perhaps the guys at KyoAni should have gone with Azusa’s opinion and had them to go to NYC, or Ritsu to Aloha Kawa- I mean Hawaii…

A trailer for the movie (sadly and ironically with no movie clips in) shown at C80, which will be featured later on:

inb4 movie spoilers :P


So everyday in your miserable slash happy life, you pray to the animating Gods of Japan for a continuation of some sort for your favourite anime, manga or game series. Sometimes. you get slapped hard on your other cheek on your face (gudammit) with a announcement, of a second season of an anime that doesn’t need any kind of continuation at all. Yes. They’ve done it. Amagami SS. That troll anime of yesteryear, is receiving a 2nd season. NISHISHI~

Jokes swiftly aside, Amagami is one of the last few series on my list to be expecting, ANY, kind of continuation. Let alone another full 26-episode season. I mean, they already covered all the main girl heroine routes with happy ends (well, most of them) as well as extra OVAs of Junichi’s little sister having her own end and as well as that stalker girl! Heck, each main girl is also receiving even moar spoiled treatment with the omakes that’s included in the DVD/BD releases, pandering much more to their story arcs and the fans. So why decide on another new season when they’ve already adapted pretty much everything out of the game? Well, that’s just what I think.

Well, afterwards I’ve done a little thinking while watching Dantalian no Shoka (great anime series this season btw), and have came up with a few possible solutions;

  1. A whole new set of girls unseen in the game, anime-only characters in which Junichi will end up with in each mini story arc
  2. A selection of the side-characters having their own story arc and ending with Junichi, it’s been so long that I forgotten what were their names…
  3. And my most positive, is that the main 6 girls will have a second treatment and be exposed to a whole new story arc, that totally diverges from the original from season one. Yes. YANDERE ENDS CONFIRMED. And possible a TRUE RIHOKO END AT THAT as well. Poor Rihoko.

When will this come out? Unknown at the moment, but possibly early 2012.



Why boner.

Yep. Hidamari Sketch is back -again- with a 4th season. It seems Shino-sensei seems to have grown a liking to this manga and just can’t forget about it… Why can’t they just make a full 52-episode series or something!? The seasons and OVA ordering are confusing as hell!

Well personally I only got up to finishing the first season of the anime and the first volume of the manga (lol YenPress), meaning I’m not really up to par with the story and the new characters I keep seeing everywhere. So, coolstorybro.jpg


Speaking of Hidamari Sketch its creator the lovely Ume Aoki, also character designer of Meduka Meguca is apparently in progress of a new manga series!

Probably good news or bad, when the time round when Aoki-sensei starts her serialisation of her new work, will it mean Hidamari Sketch will soon be ending? I don’t follow the series really so I don’t know. But it has been going on for almost 6 years so, maybe. I would have a more deep speculation if I’d follow the manga but I don’t. So I’ll stop there.


If you are a Hayate or Negi fan then you’re probably following up to the upcoming films gracing Japanese theatres at the end of August. Unsurprisingly Shogakukan and Kodansha are hyping up the shit out of this hardcore, as second-rates compared to Shuesha with their kick-ass Shonen Jump and Naruto and WAN PISS. They really do want this double bill of films to be a success to gain back their popularity and profits, they’ve been at this longer than Shuesha after all!

Well, news broke out for all the loving fans who are planning to see the film the first few days it comes out, they’ll be greeted with an ultimatum to decide whether to pick the exclusive Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 99 manga or Negima Volume 0, of course, this’ll be a cinch whether if you’re a Hayate-fag or a Negi or Shota-fag.

I instantly lol’d for a second when I saw the cover for the “99th” volume for Hayate on ANN’s site. I was all like “HERPADERPYDURP. HAYATE’S NOT AT ITS 99TH VOLUME YET!!! AHAHAHAHA MR. HATAS GETTING TOO FULL OF HIMSELF.”

Investigating the Hayate’s volume cover, however, it appears to be Hayate carrying Nagi in that trope-y princess-y way as the main subject in the middle, while in front of a flurry of face portraits in the background, exhibiting Maria who seems to be holding a red string of fate with a bell attached to the end to the right, Luka, it seems but with her hair let down on the left (wait, is it really Luka?), and the obligatory Hina in her bikini and the Hamster in her cliched Maid uniform and Wataru with creepy green hair, or I’m just seeing things.

What does this mean? I have no idea. Hata’s cover designs always seems to be unrelated to whats presented in the chapters most of the time for pure attention-whore-ness so it’ll be a wonder of what’s actually inside. Probably be some sort of accompany side story or something to go with the movie.

Sadly, I do not live in Japan so that I can support the industry and watch the movie in a legitimate Japanese theatre, so I shall wait patiently as a overseas fan and wait when it comes out on BD at the end of the year. That is, if camrips emerge before that happens. *snickers*


Why manglobe.


Coverage of C80, while typing away like a mad scientist for SERN I discovered is too long to be included in this post and shall be posted in its own post later.

So, until then.

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