Hayate no Gotoku! c334

Alas, June 12th, the day of the Comic Sunday convention finally commences. Chiharu left speechless as Nagi’s booth becomes an instant hit, just as keikaku’d from Nagi’s scheme. And a sudden spike of shock leaves Nagi frozen in time just minutes in to the event…

This chapter left me a carnival of feelings in my body. Surprises, shock, horror, rage, the list goes on. Like Nagi, one thing I totally forgotten about this new arc was why Nagi chose to produce a doujinshi in the first place: Maizumi!

After the confrontation more or less about six months ago, Nagi, I think, challenged our dear Maizumi in a doujin showdown the next time they meet to who can sell the most self-produced doujinshis they can. And finally it turns out he didn’t managed to make it on time (<3)…
Wasn’t sure how to make of this, but let’s just say that my face was just like Chiharu and Nagi’s at the time. Hopefully Maizumi appears later on in the story, actually quite like the lad!





And that’s not all!

FUCKING QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Holy sweet jesus, I actually cried out in sheer terror shouting “QUE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!” at the heart of my room in the east of Great Britannia. It was that holy.

But seriously speaking, love how lately Hata has thrown in dozens and dozens (not literally) of references and cameos and parodies and wotnot into this lengthy and interesting story arc. Which is a surprise at first as I remembered years ago – Hata stating in the columns at the end of each volume that he wanted Hayate to be episodic, and the occasional 2-4 part story chapters. Which, at first I liked but soon after kind of gone after its expiration date. And now with all the sudden plot developments like A-tan and Nagi losing all her inheritance, just seems quite fitting for Hata to focus on lengthy story arcs and actually – develop the plot (notice how in Hayate’s world it’s still 2005/2006…).

Kenjiro Hata. Confirmed for bro-tier.

Which then brings to our quite shocking end to this chapter, that RUKA MANAGED TO HAVE HER DOUJINSHI SOLD OUT – IN A MATTER OF MINUTES BEFORE NAGI.

This, for me was quite inevitable. As a guy who actually remembered at the beginning of this arc (c268, see last post for reference), it was quite obvious for something like this to happen. Not sure if it was a good idea for Hata to place that sudden climax scene in c268, but since it’s part of a story-telling cliche, that can be left as another debate.

Also notice how they’re all wearing the same clothes as in c268’s center colour, most predominantly Nagi’s “I AM BIG IT’S THE PICTURES THAT ARE SMALL!” shirt. But sadly, no QB cosplay present (duh).

So what’s going to happen? Well THE SCENE in c268 obviously, but after that, well, only God knows

And lastly;

Maria-fags rejoice

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