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Just so you know, Nyarth (aka Meowth) has left Team Rocket recently in the new episodes of Best Wishes. I don’t watch Pokémon really now and only knew when a thread emerged on /a/ comparing Pokémon then and Pokémon now, hence a childhood-destroyer general.

Which led me to observe the daring scene in question (episode 43 of BW, if anyone cares) and soon shocked to find out that he’s now hanging with Ash and his new comic reliefs. Alas;

Massive, infinite, amounts, of original rage, ensued.

Disheartened by the sad news, I pondered after whether this was the right fate for my favourite Pokemon (hence, my widespread use of the nipponjin name online).

Reminding myself of the old school Pokemon; Meowth never really did do anything that bad – other than lending his helping hand for Jessie/James with their retarded schemes to capture Ash’s Pikachu, and never thought of catching their a fucking wild one which was probably even better than Ash’s bog-standard own kind.

Meowth did, however, “left”  Jessie and James numerous times before, but those were trivial cases in which the team argued, split up temporarily and, after some moral enlightening lesson they reunite and live happily ever after; that’s not the case this time ’round. Apparently Meowth was in charge of some capturing scheme and failed miserable (surprisingly enough) and was FIRED by GIOVANNI HIMSELF. You know, the sous chief of Team Rocket? Such nostalgia.

But seriously, how many times have Jessie and James failed their shallow plots since episode one (203910494 times thank you very much) and get off the hook. Then comes Meowth and BAM he’s kicked the bucket. Seriously, them writer’s logic these days.

In all serious case, Meowth will now be following Ash and gang’ and be promoted as a regular side kick in the cast and is now labelled as a good guy, a type of character that I believe better suits him than anything else. But still a wild “free” Pokémon since he’s STILL not owned by anyone (heck, even Iris tried catching him after leaving no avail), which leaves me quiet sceptical as the ultimatum would’ve been set if Meowth got caught. Meaning the possibility of Meowth returning to Team Rocket and Jessie and Jame’s sidestill remains. Heck I’ll be damn if he does in later eps, but time will tell.

Oh yeah, officially changed the blog name in light of these events. Hope you like it. And if you don’t, DEAL WITH IT.

2 thoughts on “New Blog Name

  1. mahahaha October 4, 2011 / 22:09

    Watch the new eps, meowth is just a trickster~ X3

    • Nyarth October 6, 2011 / 21:12

      “However, in BW047, it was revealed that Meowth’s being fired was fake and all just one of Team Rocket’s schemes to capture Ash’s and friend’s Pokémon.”


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