Hayate no Gotoku! c335

And at last the shit has finally hit the fan… sort of. Nagi receives yet another good ole slapping on the face of good old harsh reality…

Even though she sold the same amount as Ruka, the buyers were only really interested in the Maria photo album (damn I want one T_T) and just thrown Nagi’s manga in the trash – like it was some filler advertisement that comes with everything nowadays. Frustrated as she is, Hayate runs to her side as the noble butler gentleman (STILL in debt?) and consoles her in a rather blunt way. Reading Ruka’s sweet doujin, she soon comes to realise the difference in her and Ruka, even though they were on the same wavelength; Ruka earnest will focused on the manga and made it so it was readable and understandable with the readers’ enjoyment in mind [ie. the Yamakan], meanwhile, Nagi was all about capitalism (~ho) and creates a lot of buzz and attentionwhoring, producing an exceeding amount of copies hoping to sell thousands and millions and swim in the cash [ie. the SHINBO]. Chiharu appears out of nowhere and encourages Nagi to fight on and pera pera pera…

…and that was all there is for this week.

Hm, wasn’t expecting much after reading last week’s chapter as I generally knew the overall outcome; Nagi throws a big fit demanding an answer why she isn’t ‘special’, Hayate calms her down and stuff while Chiharu, probably expected this outcome, pulls her right out of the gutter and tells her this ‘isn’t over yet’. Kind of like yo typical shonen battle manga plot devices imo. And hell was I correct.

What happens from here on out is anyone guess (even GOD’s) as Nagi declares to sell the Maria books (I. WANT. ONE.) and her doujin as separate stand-alone goods. Also this chapter pretty much wraps up the opening climax that was introduced at the start of this arc (c268) – where Nagi runs up Sunshine 60 and shouts a certain name, at that time we never heard of. How time flies…


TN Note: Reads right to left.

Onto Ruka’s WINRAR doujin… HATA. PLEASE MAKE A ONE-SHOT OF THIS. Ohba-Obata already did their one shot of the manga-in-manga Otters 11 from Bakuman SO WHY NOT YOU.

Even if the set up is ridden with typicality and them classy clichés (you know, cute girls doing cute things), I really like how in this case, the MC THINKS SHE’S IMMORTAL GUDAMMIT. IT’S LIKE YUI FROM K-ON! BUT AN ACTUAL EMO.

It was too a kind of a reminiscent of Yotsubato! with Yotsuba’s eccentric behaviour, but much more so that Hata probably based off the characters to Fumi and Sharna. Haven’t seen them in a long time in the manga… :((((

And last but really least, QB makes another quick cameo… op pic related.

PS. Plus, I have no idea whether if the posters that keep popping up in the backgrounds are either references, cameos and wotnot. Though the poster on the second page looks like an Eva pilot :0

PSS. Now that I go to sixth form college and do strange part time work, I lost the privilege to keep track of the Hayate dramas (1hour14mins per ep U SHITTING ME?) so sadly I won’t able to make cynical posts about them as I planned. Maybe when I have some free time… a lot of free time.

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