Hayate no Gotoku! c336


Nagi decides to sell her doujinshi and Maria’s photo book as seperate stand-alone titles, presumably to atone for her capitalist ways of selling. While Maria later is forced to sell her own photo book by herself, Chihaya and Hayate take Nagi to the Tokyo Big Sight in order to set Nagi’s “fire” burning once more. There, they meet Ruka and also where Nagi, determined, vows to surpass her in two months, when the bi-annual Comiket begins at said location. But Ruka is confident that she’ll be able to leave her in the dust in the long run. Meanwhile, as Wataru drops out of Hakuou Academy to focus on growing his family’s business, a new student appears filling in the “student-who-skipped-grades” role.

And so this doujinshi making-arc comes to a bitter close, a bitter open close that is. Seems as though Hata doesn’t want to let this end just yet, as this arc may trod along slowly before the story reaches to AUGUST when NatsuComi begins, and presumably where Nagi and Ruka duke it out in round 2.

So yeah, not particular sense of importance happened in this chapter other than them cheesy remarks from Ruka and Nagi at the end (as pointed out by Hayate lol), rounding off this sub-arc pretty nicely and also the daring cliffhanger of the new Hakuou student replacing Wataru – as we all know, dropped out (and officially giving up on Isumi) to focus on his business (and Saki) a couple of hundred of chapters ago. In fact, actual PLOT DEVELOPMENT made a grand progression this week last week!

Speaking of the new character, by the name of Tsurugino Kayura, I kinda like her character design. Them half closed nondescript eyes resembling Isumi’s, [CHECK], Hata-quality trademark puffy hair structure, [CHECKETY CHECK], and last but not least her sweet DFC [CHECK CHECKA CHEEECK]. Oh and, her overly sized bagpack that reminds me of Wilhelmina from Shana. OH YEAH, DID YOU KNOW THE THIRD SEASONS COMING THIS AUTUMN? OH CRAP, I BETTER REMIND MYSELF OF THE FIRST TWO SEASONS!!!

Not surprising to see ALL 1000 Maria’s photo books sold out. If only Nagi decided to have the photo books as HER doujinshi… also Hata better make a spin off print version of Maria’s photo album :P *ALLMYMONEY* And after 336 odd chapters Kirika, the super nintendo superintendant of Hakuou Academy, and also her lackey Shion formerly appears in the manga! Note that the last time you’ve probably seen them was in season one of the anime when they had their own anime-original arc – which was FAAAAAABUUUUULOUS~~~~~ and probably one of the greatest anime original fillers OF ALL TIME. Heck I wouldn’t even call it fillers. It’s a masterpiece ^o^

What happens next week this week? Who knows? Well I know since this post is a week late…

It’s a nice soft follow-up filler chapter, calming things down after this year long arc and proceeding to the next said full on arc. In which I’ll cover in a later post.

PS. Hata confirmed as Penguindrum bro

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