Moving to a new blog

I’ve always considered doing this ever since the day after I created this blog (which was WAAAAAAAY back in 2009 just so you know) but my spontaneous obsessive compulsive disorder as well as my site stats e-penis held me back all these years.

And finally, the time has come. Excluding all those other ‘spinoff’ blogs I made which turned out as utter failures and 528 mundane blog posts posted, I am making my first formal migration to a new blog.

You may have already knew of this as I already updated my Twitter link on my profile minutes after I created the new site (or not).

Note that I won’t be migrating any of my existing posts in this blog to my new blog as before. I want to start fresh even if it means I’ll lose my 300 or so views per day following, also another reason of moving is that my capacity limit of images I can upload to WordPress has almost capped to 3GB, and I’m just too lazy to upload to Photobucket or Imageshack as a third party host.

Nyarth dot wordpress dot com (the site you’re on, like, now) will still be up and alive for now for people to backlog/archive my posts (if anyone is willing to that) but will no longer be updated.

The new site is still rather… new, and no, this does not mean I’ll be back to crazy blogging like many months… and years… and moons ago. But don’t worry guys, I still love the animes~

Well, it’s been swell guys. If you still want to follow me then you are welcomed to follow me on my new [Phrase 2]blog linked below:

And my Twitter too if you’re interested.


Stay hungry, stay baka.

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