My Thoughts on THE iDOLM@STER Episode 23


Hey guys, it’s been awhile.

I wasn’t really expecting this kind of revelation to the series (considering the general nature of Idolmaster), but the thing I didn’t expect was this to be my first actual post made on my new blog.

Yes, despite all of everything I did had a thought somewhere, deep down in the crevices of my mind that something that would make me go; “WHAT A TWEEEST” would happen in Idolmaster, or any other anime for that matter. But what sparked my intellectual mind (lol) in order for the creation of this post was how the director handled the beginning of this “WHAT A TWEEEST” climax.

Sure, 90% of everyone who watched this episode all the way would go; “NOOOO, P-SAN” or “NOOOOO, PRODUCER” or “NUOOOOOO PURODUSA-SAAAAN” or whatever suits your weeaboo preference. But calm the fuck down and read what’s coming next dawg.

Notice how not much background music was used during the most ‘serious of scenes’, in fact, none were used at all. It was usually substituted by the character’s pauses and sombre facial expressions. This I believe feels more realistic in our tough world, instead of the typical eerie piano melodies that play out when shit starts to get down, that would be pretty generic, utter crap and boring.

And then we move onto Haruka herself. This lovable yet… girl with a flawed personality in a linear way. Throughout the episode (and probably the one before, but for Xmas) we see her oh so desperately wanting to gather all the idols together so that they can all practice in unison for the upcoming New Year concert, but utterly fails every – single – time due to everyone’s busy and tight schedules (on a side note, doesn’t Haruka have much to do herself?). This nicely fits in with the reality element I mentioned earlier. The anime series partly mirrors real life aspects of the life of an idol (or any other celebrity figure). Case in point you start out carefree as you’re not that known, and start to become more occupied with numbers of jobs as you become better well-known. Episodes 1 to 13 represents ‘phrase 1’ of the cycle, while 14 till now, represents ‘phrase 2’.

It isn’t because Haruka is selfish that she’s feeling down for things not to be in her favour, but rather, it would be that Haruka isn’t in the ‘phrase 2’ – as an idol – to accept that everyone will not be able to be together anymore as often as they were before they became big. That or Haruka knows this and simply doesn’t want to accept and hides behind her optimistic traits. Don’t get me wrong, but I like Haruka. In fact, she’s my third favourite. But her cheerful, optimistic and hard-working personality gets me sometimes. Even though she does seem to be the “cheerleader” in the idol circle we’re at the point that the “cheering” has crossed the red line, and lost it’s effect. Seriously, HOW can she trip every 3 steps?

With that in mind we arrive at the cliffhanger, the moment where I think the episode is the most powerful. Haruka, feeling down after the many events that occurred this episode (Chihaya going abroad… Namasuka Sunday cancelled… Alone in office etc) is bestowed her final moment of salvation when P-san checks up on her during the final auditioning for the main role in some act with Miki. But all hopes and dreams are shattered into endless tiny pieces for Haruka, as Miki hijacks and hogs P-san all to herself, leaving Haruka feel inferior, left out and unimportant.

Feelings well up for Haruka, which proves fatal as she’s stumbles and slips before a deep hole made from the rising platform onstage. P-san manages to push her away from the hole for the remuneration that he falls in her place to his said death. [Cue the sombre BGM credits, see what I did there?]

This is the point where we all go; WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT? and think Idolmaster is going to the shitter like Mashiroiro. That or the gamefags will go THIS IS THE AWAKENING OF MIKI.

I’ll stop there for deeper spoilers.

That is, until the freeze frames cue of a pissed president, a flushed Miki, a praying Kotori, a calm Ritsuko and of course, a waterworks Haruka. All outside in the waiting in A+E.

This leaves us many questions for the remaining future that is Idolmaster, whether if the director decides to go with P-san surviving after all with a happy ending, or a rather dark end with P-san dying and placing all production budget on the line, or pulls a LOL CONTINUED IN SEASON 2. If only that were true.

But if there is only one more thing I am allowed to say to sum it all up, that would be;

Haruka didn’t deserve it.

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