Winter Anime 2012 Mid-Season Review

souta died for his sins

It’s the middle of February. Mother nature is being slowpoke.jpg and has been bukkake’ing snow all over the country, leaving us all in Europe freezing our dicks off. However, since this is a draft that I have written a week ago, the snow has melted away into oblivion. Now it’s just damn cold.

School as per usual is eating up most of my leisure time. The usual 20m walk to the bus stop every day, standing in front of the stop sign like a herpaderp has become irritatingly part of my daily routine. Part time work, on the other hand every weekend is strenuous yet rewarding.

Homework is here to stay, as expected, and as the amount of art and graphics design work I receive increases, so does the agony and pain overwhelmed from my wrists…

Edit: No part 2, don’t have time to ramble on reviews :(

Despite all that, I still manage to squeeze in time to go 9gagging watch anime.

Enough of that, since we’re well past the half way point in this Winter Anime season, and I managed to marathon-catchup all the series’ I’m following a few days ago… No time for moes and uguus, mid-season review post; GO.

(In alphabetical order, because I’m a fan of OCD)

Amagami SS+ Plus

Covered Tsukasa, Rihochi and Ai’s arcs at point in time. Have to say, they’re pretty good continuations from its previous season. They’re nothing flashy or god-tier, but serves as a good extra ‘epilogue’ treatment to the already completed, closed and polished endings they all had over a year ago. Like various other animes with a sequel AIC (animooshion studio for Amagami) seems to be on a fair budget this season. Throwing out the multiples of ending themes for each heroine and sticking with azusa’s (not that Azusa) soothing singing voice, as well as halving the series length to just a single 12-week season, are just a few of the many signs of evidence. Guess AIC had some moneys left over after the first season and profits from the boost in sales of the game and the DVD/BDs. As for the endings, I am spared for another 6 additional songs loaded onto my iTouch…

because you're a wizard

I wonder…

Overall, the plots for each heroines’ arcs so far I’ve watched seem a lot  interesting, but plots that I’ve been through, and through, and through, before.

Take Tsukasa’s arc for example. Tsukasa is running for school presidency again as well as Junichi as vice (lol) and a new buttmad jelly rival running to shows up, hoping to ruin Tsukasa’s campaign, her image, heck her entire life (no rape involved) as well as stealing her man (BITCHIN’). But despite this trending trope of a butthurt rival appearing out of the ditch, Tsukasa actually sees through her plan from the beginning, thereby de-constructing the overall trope and seem uninteresting to watch…

Rihoko’s arc is nothing more but the extra bit of string cut off a sewn stitching. Rihochifags rejoice as finally, Rihoko gets her proper ending – by ending up with Junichi!!!!!!!!!!!! along with the added bonus speculation that the two fucked that night as Junichi’s little sister, witnessing the awkwardness of the pair the next morning.

And so they went to bed as friends with benefits, and woke up, as lovers.

Ai’s arc, well, shows her ‘agonising’ loneliness without Junichi around, as if Miya and Sae aren’t enough to pander for her well-being… and seriously what the hell, an exam training camp running over Christmas. In England that would be a breach in human rights, probably. At least she loses her awkward yellow puffy jacket for a more designers winter jacket. Now that I think about it, it sort of resembles a winter coat my mum had a long time ago.

So there. The few quirks of humour here and there makes Amagami also pretty fun to watch. Admittingly it gets rather mushey mushey lovey dovey in the end, but hey; it’s a dating sim anime. Looking forward to Sae’s Kaoru’s and Haruka’s arcs!

Ano Natsu de Matteru

If you read my previous posts – that I have now deleted because I regretted posting them, Kanna is my favourite girl of the season. Kaori Ishihara too, the seiyuu that voices her, is my favourite newcomer seiyuu of the year (so far?). That was also the reason why I picked up Lagrange three weeks in, because Kaori is voicing the main character in that as well.

Ano Natsu is without a doubt one of the most mind-speculatingly-interesting series I’m watching this season, mainly perhaps it’s an anime original and no one knows fuck all what’s going to happen (take Penguindrum for example… maybe not). Other than the naming of the title, this also to me feels like a reminiscent of Ano Natsu that aired last year. Group of friends when suddenly BAM a new friend with a supernatural background; let the emotional relationship roller coasterbegin.

kanna is embarrassed aww

Kanna <33

Into the latest episode so far (6), and oh boy, how it really is an emotional relationship roller coaster with a 25m high loopy loop. Tetsuro’s  jumping a weapons shop full of guns there. No one acts as a middle man that confesses someone elses’ love to their love in anime! And with all this happening, I can be sad to… *sob* say… *sob* that… *;__;* oh god I can’t…


But I must…


Although a KannaxTetsuro shipping is fine too, as that’ll clear off the ancient speculation from ancient pre-historic times that the ‘Childhood friend never wins’. Even if the childhood friends are side characters…

Still, I’m rooting for a Kanna end… till’ the end.


Final Destination: The Anime. Seriously, what I thought were to be the best first few episodes – turn into an anime rendition of the already saturated ‘horror’ film series known to man.

I’m not going to explain the whole horrifyingly mysterious set up here. You can look it up yourself (or even, WATCH IT!). But in a nutshell the main character wounds up in a haunted class in an already haunted high school where it is seen for one student dies each month because their class roster is overfilled by one person, all because of a ghost etc etc from 26 years ago etc etc is happening once more etc etc doll fetishes. I’m not really clear with the premise myself…

But yeah~ as until the latest episode; at least one character since episode 3 has died due to some natural and/or unnatural ‘accidents’, which is illustrated here to save for spoilers.

mei drinking chinese bootleg dr pepper

Umbrellas, lifts, hearts, cars, don’t use them…

Interesting to see how this ends, as with any other horror stories out there and fingers crossed, KoichixMei shipping perhaps may come true…

Black Rock Shooter

room of morning glory

Haha, Morning glory.

Up to episode 2 at time of writing. Unfortunately, I’m a tad rather let down – compared to the slightly disappointing OVA by how they dramatically changed the characters. Sure they have to make amendments for the TV series, but for me I’m feeling uncomfortable with this new setting. Where’s my Mato and Yomi friendship!? Why’s BRS acting all gangster!??? And who the hell is this mentally ill girl sucking up to Yomi??

Really have nothing to say, for now. It’s just 2 episodes for petes sake! However… the animation feels derpy at times, but have to say the fight scenes in the BRS world were really well done and nicely choreographed. Music of course pays homage to the original BRS-Miku song from Supercell. Not sure why but I’m not really a fan of the BRS song. I like all other Miku songs though (Yellow, Disappearance, Tell Your World’s my current obsession :P) but BRSs’ sounds like an oddity to me.

Not sure how this will end, being that it’ll last for another 9 episodes (11 total)… we’ll see.


It’s like the male version of Nichijou we always wanted. Only that it’s RATIONALLY HILARIOUS AS FUCK!

Seriously, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijo… Daily Lives of High School Boys… Cute little homoerotic boys… hm well let’s call it Nichibros from here on – Nichibros is without a doubt, the best for me this season AND SHOULD BE FOR YOU TOO. Maybe Ano Natsu, Nisemono and Lagrange too on the shortlist, but Nichibros is definitely up there.

literary girl wants your d

I’ve always wanted to post this screenshot. Literary girl <3

I could go on detailing how hilarious, manly and glorious this masterpiece is, but that’ll make this post turn into a really long rejected homoerotic essay. So I’ll just leave it there.


Also, I hate you Japan for disliking this wonderful piece of art with crap preorders.

Part 2 coming out… whenever.

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