My new blogpost, pls read, rate and respond.

It’s that time of the year again; kids, adults – but mostly kids (wait, adults?) frolicking around the neighborhood in dazzling costumes in the dark evening, knocking on random doors belonging to someone they don’t know and what all hope to achieve thanks to their efforts; a handful of treats that’ll rot their cavities away the next day. 95% of the time, no one will answer the door or perhaps, they would, though they would just stare at the people standing before their property and promptly closing the door shut as if no one was there. Maybe that’s just me when I went trick or treating back in the day (my parents were very angry at me cutting up my bed sheets that night). If you have no idea what I’m on about and your senses are as dense and deep as the Mariana trench – it’s goddamn Halloween.

How about some soothing Halloween music to listen to while you read this post?

Witty opening paragraphs aside, it surprises me that I’m actually updating my blog that I’ve forgotten about for the past several weeks with this brand spanking new post. Sadly, this isn’t going to be a Halloween-centric post nor it’s going to be anime related (for the first half that is). More-so  things I’d like to get off my chest.

Ever since school started for me again the beginning of September my daily routine comprised nothing more of waking up, make myself look half decent, commuting to and back from school, eating and drinking to stay alive, doing work like a good little student and; for the sake of relevancy for this blog, watching the random animé and mangá during breaks and dinner. If you re-read this paragraph 60 more times that was what I was pretty much doing since my last post till now.

Ah, remember that post I made – which has since been deleted because I though it wasn’t funny anymore and plain stupid – that I’ll only be watching the new Hayate no Gotoku anime that godawful inexcusable piece of shit that ruined my favourite anime so that I can dedicate myself more into my studies? If you didn’t notice the obvious link bait to my previous sentence turns out I pretty much watched everything that I found interesting this anime season, or just obligated to watch because it was a sequel to something I watched before in the past.

It wasn’t that bad as I thought. I found myself later on not bothered to watch the anime that I found boring to watch, compared to the ones I found really enjoyable to watch to the point I watch asap when subs come out, heck, I would even watch raws if I accidentally the Japanese Standard Time.

For those interested; what I’m currently watching with high priority are Chuu2Koi, Sword Art Crawling Edgy Ass EdgyEdgyEdgy Online and that butler comedy anime that must not be named.

my time killing list dot jpg

Everything else you see here equates to either whenever I feel like it, when BDs come out or – to put it bluntly – never again (though I’m too lazy to delete them or mark them as dropped).

The autumn anime season this year proves to be yet again the greatest anime season of the year of all years with the greatest yields of great anime. As usual while there are a number of underwhelming series airing this season – others that seemed average, mediocre or ‘meh’ on the season preview charts turned out to be brilliant in their debut episodes. Tis a shame though that I’m a KyoAni-drone and am forced to love Chuunibyou to wits end. Shinkafags please leave.

That’s all for what I’ve got to say for now, though regarding the anime with the unlucky butler in it that’s airing this season, well, that is for another time.

Now if you excuse me, I must go as someone appears to have accidentally my doorbell.

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