True Tears Review: The Re-Review


I have no clue what in the world happened to me when I wrote a True Tears review a few years ago, so I’m going to review it again to tie those loosened ends.

Update: April Fools! I got you good didn’t I? This wasn’t an April Fools joke all along!

“Hey! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to throw all of these shitty characters and stories out the window, and replace them with an entirely new set up that has absolutely nothing to do with the source material!?”

Noe want down
Deep character interaction
Why is she so perfect?

True Tears is a 7 episode anime animated by P.A. Works. It was their first independent project in 2007 after working for so long as assistants for other big name anime studios. The anime is supposedly based off this visual novel game of the same name. However someone in the production committee thought “Hey! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to throw all of these shitty characters and storiesout the window, and replace them with an entirely new set up that has absolutely nothing to do with the source material!?” in a Morgan Freeman-type Japanese accent.

The story is about this Japanese high school boy called Shiti… Shinichiro Nakagami (let’s call him Shin for the rest of this review) who has a knack for major epic drawfagging skills, which shows when he draws drawings of cocks and female cocks. He lives with his mother and father, and also this girl who’s the same age as him and goes to the same school, Hiromi Ashi… Hiromo Yuasa’s her name. There seems to be this sexual tension between the two when they’re both under the same roof, it’s kind of awkward to watch the silent moments of staring. Apparently they’ve known each other since they were kids, but then gone their separate ways and are back together again, gee, anime plots. While Hiromi is a glorifying bitch at home, she’s a hot Triple-A celebrity at school. She excels in her studies… great at sports… per..fe..ct… body… oh, then Shin meets this gorgeous girl called Noe Isurugi. She’s always seen staring at the cocks in the pen the school has during breaks and lunch, almost as if she was creating a metaphor that she want’s Shin’s d There’s also that red bean cake coloured hair girl and Shin’s childhood brofran who aren’t really that important to the plot. What’s important however is the sweet and vanilla pure relationship that is shared between Shin and Noe throughout the series. The desire of wanting to be with each other, the desire of wanting to feel emotions never felt before after having your tears taken away from you. What’s also especially important is the graceful display of Noe winning. As you can already tell Noe is my favourite character of this show, because she is simple the best girl. Hiromifags reading this review you may want to stop reading and leave now if you don’t want to make yourselves feel bad and butt devastated. Oh and also I apologise for the corrupted screenshots.

“They don’t call them Progressive Animation Works for nothing!”

P.A. Works has done a tremendous job in the visuals department. The story is set in a fictional location which was based from an actual location that is based in the real three-dimensional we live in as of this instance. Based in the Toyama Prefecture in Japan, which again, proves that anime studios based outside of Tokyo has a much better work ethic and therefore, produce more high quality anime series. P.A. Works contribution in the attention to detail in the environmental designs proves to be dominant throughout their later projects, such as Hanasaku Iroha and Another. They don’t call them Progressive Animation Works for nothing!

The opening theme is fantastic. Eufonious’s “Reflectier” song reflects the feelings and atmospheric tone the anime is conveying so effectively; the idea of Noe winning the main protagonist from start to finish. The OST is, okay I suppose? I didn’t really notice it over the bright and happy lovey-dovey tender development between Shin and Noe. The ending song is… meh. I always skipped it and then watched the preview before moving onto the next episode.

*spoiler alert* Skip the paragraph below if you don’t want to be spoiled.

“The non-canonical OVA side story begins”

What held this series back however was its length. I mean seriously, seven episodes? Usually a bog standard anime would last for about 13 episodes. I know there are budget and costs to be mindful of, but this is an outrage for P.A. Work’s first project. But just a week after the series ended on its seventh episode. The non-canonical OVA side story apparently begins, lasting for six episodes to fulfil the thirteen-week television broadcasting slot. To be honest, these episodes were fucking terrible. I couldn’t continue watching these episodes before puking and shitting into a bucket in-order to move on.

They’re siblings!? Ewww…
Make this non-canonical nightmare stooop…

To cut the long side story short, Shin and Noe clash horribly and the relationships between each and every character tumbles down and becomes pretentiously complicated where; Shin is somehow growing fond of Hiromi, Red Bean Cake Girl want’s Shin’s d and implied incest breaks out between Noe and her older motorcycle riding Aniki and, get a load of this, Shin and Hiromi are apparently siblings! Honestly why, it seemed as if some wacky deranged 12 year old user, smoking marijuana through a hose pipe and abusing a dog came up with this pile of shit! I even had to go flocking to YouTube afterwards and watch dozens of ShinXNoe AMV videos just to wash out the sour taste the ending left in my mouth!

Episode 13 – “Your Tears” Oh ha ha ha nice try Hiromi faggots trying to make Hiromi the winner when she got totally ass-raped in the main story. Keep deluding yourselves in this despicable and putrid, rubbish shitty crap of lies of an OVA.

Noe grasping that cock… so lewd.

Main Series

– 9.999999999999/10-

 Excellent and bravo piece of work.


– 0/10 –

See me after class.

Now I see why it’s called True Tears, it’s a foreshadowing metaphor of the endless tears from Hiromi fans being endlessly consumed by the winning Team Noe fans am I right?

I fucking love you P.A. Works.


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  1. Is it true that the serie was originally supposed to be only 7 episodes?, By the way, I’m also a fan of Noe <3 she was perfect for shinichiro :'(


  2. i would like that you tell me the sources of that informtion, just to prove to my sister that she was wrong. XD


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