Welcome Back

let me sing you a song of my people

On the twenty-fifth day, the fourth month, bound in the year of 2009; was the 25th of April of 2009. It was a plainly average day. The spring season was underway and the weather hung over England was adjusting itself for the warm season.

Ah right, it was also the day that this blog, Nyarth dot WordPress dot Comthe, was born.

I had no exact idea why I created this blog. I was still rather new to the internet back then and I never really did anything beyond watching anime on Crunchyroll in its early days and lurking and posting on their forums. In the days before the social media boom, blogs were the next best thing for people to write and post stuff on their personal corner of the internet and for other people to comment. I was a vagrant traveller, a pilgrim trying to find a place of their own. I guess it was partly because of my desire of wanting to share all these thoughts I had about this super cool anime I recently saw and post whatever the hell I wanted – it was my blog, my sanctuary, my eden (huehue). Now that I think about it, it was also the reason why I named it “Nyarth’s Solid State Mind”, then “Niyasu no Eden”, then “Farewell Nyarth”, then etc bla bla bla. I never really found my own name for a blog.

After graduating from my disgraceful act of chuunibyouism from early years of high school, I soon developed this case of obsessive compulsive disorder where I would spent countless hours, days, weeks and months, just tweaking and twiddling every little setting WordPress offered, just to get the perfect adjustment on the appearance of my blog. My photoshopping techniques also strengthened by making lots of blog headers that I kept replacing every fortnight. This soon got out of hand, and before I knew it the quality of my posts went to the shitter (not like it was already shitty before) and I cared more about the pretty ninety-degree angles on my blog theme rather than the content itself. It was like I was always tweaking and having fun with the PlayStation 3 console itself, when what I should have been concentrating more on was, the video games. Though I do argue, WordPress had pretty shit themes back then compared to more decent ones they have now. I then moved to niyarth.wordpress.com in 2011 because of my pickiness and not wanting to deal with the fragmented mess I’d caused anymore. This was also near the time when I finished high school and went on to higher education. The pleasure of blogging in my fun and free spare time was taken away from me, replacing it was a huge stockpile of work to be dealt with and a part time job. I soon lost the fun and enjoyment of blogging to the point it was just a meandering chore and subsequently went inactive for a while.

Now we arrive to our destination; today.

I want to start over, I want to make a new beginning the way I wanted it to be four years ago. I want to make a fresh start on a clean slate, so are gone of my older posts. I want to make things right again. The desire of returning back into my original blog, my original sanctuary, my original eden, has never gotten this far out of my smelly rectum. What held me back were the 600 daily views, this empty feeling of empty triumph that I felt from my blog kept me going to write rather decent and fulfilling posts. It was only until recently I came to terms that these 600 visitors were of nothing less than mere spam bot peasants. Gone are the days of endless tweaking and messing with the theme. WordPress’ Twenty Twelve will serve me greatly with its simple and minimal design architecture.

I’ve made a bunch of friends in my aniblogging and internet journey, lost several on the way and conflicted with many. But I want to keep it going. As of today, 1st of April of 2013, I make my grand homecoming to nyarth.wordpress.com.

Okaeri, Nyarth.


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