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What I thought I was watching was Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties. That is, until this week’s episode that I realised what I was actually watching was The Best of Hayate no Gotoku’s Heroine-centered Manga Chapters Animated in Two-Dimensional Glory. This week focuses on the rich-but-not-rich-bitch ojou-sama Nagi Sanzenin, and the team did a good job at it for the second week running, adapting chapters 197 and 174 for the first half of the episode, and chapter 339 for the second.

Those eyes

The first half of the episode sees Nagi miraculously waking up at the sawaggiin’ and blazing time of 4:20am 4:22am and discovering the beauty of mornings. As John Ray once said; “The early bird catches the worm’s dick”. Concerned about Nagi’s premature waking, Hayate gives her a strong cup of coffee with the intent of the caffeine to keep her wide awake. Nagi realises Hayate’s intentions and attempts to disprove his assumptions, but later failing and falling back to sleep.

The second part of the first half of the episode sees Nagi waking up from her shameful display of slumber and visiting Wataru’s video rental store. While browsing through the store Nagi stumbles upon a lewd pornographic DVD. Thanks to her prepubescent curiosity and character development, she does the old 12-year old boy’s trick in any Where’s Wally book and rents out a huge stack of DVDs, hiding lewd DVD in the midst of the pile so that it doesn’t appear so apparent. Sadly, the lewd DVD disc got switched with the classic horror film Aku no Hana Vattalion when Nagi freaked out and made a mess of the DVD shelves because Hayate nearly saw her holding the lewd DVD. Without knowing of its true contents, Nagi watches the spooky film in her pimping crib tree house, and little did she know, it was 3spooky5her. Scared that Mr Bones will drag her to his Wild Ride when she’s asleep, Nagi wants Hayate to be with her at all times, and yes, even in bed, and yes, even better, with Maria. Maria later discovers the movie laying around and decides to watch it herself. Even for Maria, the film was just 2spooky4her.


Tomatos = Friendship.


Hayate no Gotoku x Zettai Karen Children Crossover when Manglobe?

hayate-cuties-02-22The second half of the episode sees Nagisan@Ganbaranai Nagi being elder god-tier lazy, with no motivation at all to do anything. The only way to get her back up is for Hayate and team to tell her a motivational quote. Maria subsequently wins with the help of the circle of life money.





hayate-cuties-02-08 hayate-cuties-02-11 hayate-cuties-02-13 The anime has yet again exposed the major problem in Hayate no Gotoku with this week’s episode; that fact that Kenjiro Hata has -10% ability of managing a coherent plot. The first half of the episode takes place in what appears to be either Nagi’s old and renovated mansion or an entirely new mansion close by in the neighbourhood, because the interiors look nothing like the old mansion’s interiors at all. The second half of the episode returns us back into the Violet Mansion where they should be living in according to the manga. Either Manglobe has dun goof’d for no harmful reason, or Hata himself has dun goof’d once again and spoiled another aspect of the story; Nagi gets her mansion back at some point and is now presumably residing in her mansion on weekends and the Violet mansion on weekdays, supposedly a shorter walking distance to Hakuou.

hayate-cuties-02-16We saw the start of this slippery plot-hill slope in the third season Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, where the story takes place months into the future in the Hayate universe. The manga that is serialising every week is seeing this problem too; even Hata realised this and made a joke out of the huge spoiler in which Nagi will win the Doujin Showdown against Ruka, since CTMEOY contains no pregnant Ruka anywhere… ;_;

hayate-cuties-02-15It is also confirmed in this episode that the whole anime is pandering exclusively towards the manga readers by adapting the most highly regarded chapters of the manga. Anime-only viewers of the show will have a bit of a hard time with CTMEOY, but will be left flabbergasted with Cuties due to the heavily broken continuity.

hayate-cuties-02-19For a fanboy who reads a passage of the manga every Sunday morning long-time dedicated and loving fan of the series such as myself, this episode has done a well and refined job at bringing out Nagi’s character, her personality, her tsundere-ism and most of all, her lewd mind. Although there are a few better chapters that expresses Nagi a lot better.

The animation has been well maintained, as good as last week’s episode in fact. Let’s all hope that this level of quality sustains and keeps on going for the rest of this season. I especially love the bit in this episode where Manglobe animated Nagi’s sparkling lips <333


Nagi’s delicious tears and now her delicious lips, Manglobe confirmed for Nagi-bros.

Next Monday will see the most highly anticipated episode of this series. Yes. That is right my friend. Next week we’ll be focusing on the one the only, Tennousu Athena Lolified A-tan.




Well, you can’t win ‘em all.


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  1. Speaking of “The early bird catches the worm”, there is also the saying “The early worm gets caught by the bird”. Not exactly a motivating quote for worms.


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