Four Years of Animé Blogging and Beyond

nyarth is back

Art by Taneko

It’s quite difficult to fathom that I’ve been blogging (in some shape or form) for four years today (25/04/2013). Even though I cringe every time I look back at my old posts and the desire of wanting to wipe these posts off the face of the internet, I choose not to; because they are the shitty and delusional and emoticon-ridden posts that bought me to where and who I am today, I hope. If you want to take a look at them I’ve moved them all over to my archiving blog here.

Needless to say, for those who’ve been following me ever since my inception (tl note: a grand total of 0 readers!), thank you ever so much for supporting me from the shadows . New readers and friends of today, I thank you too for the humble and subtle support you’ve given me, ever since the rebirth of my blog twenty-five days ago. I’m only doing this out of the good will from the bottom of my heart (w) and my desire to write the most finest shitty posts one could ever read (ww), and I would like to keep this going much longer, even if I rage quit and stop watching anime altogether (like that would happen www).

Happy 4th Birthday,

Here’s to another good year of fine and quality anime (wwww).


One thought on “Four Years of Animé Blogging and Beyond

  1. happy birthday! btw, don’t get too concern if no one reads(or so wordpress stats says), there are always people reading it. I generally glance most post from blogs i follow and they show up in reader, so i don’t really need to go into the site unless i felt like commenting.

    But 4 years is a good achievement ! my blog would be celebrating its birth in 2 months time, i think it’ll be 6 years old? i lost count already..

    Keep the blogging strongggggggg and if the worse were to happen, there’s always twitter!!


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