Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties 04


Sakuya: Prepare for trouble!

Isumi: Make it double!

Sakuya: To protect to world from shitty jokes infestation

Isumi: To GATTAI all people within our nation

Sakuya: To express the wonders of gags and love

Isumi: To extend our reach to the stars above

Sakuya: Sakuya…

Isumi: Isumi…

Sakuya: Ghost Partners blasts of at the speed of light!

Isumi: Say a joke or prepare to fight!

Shiranui: HAYATE’S BROTHE- UH I MEAN SHIRANUI that’s right!

hayate-cuties-04-02 hayate-cuties-04-04Isumi is feeling left out from her circle of highly privileged friends (Nagi and Sakuya) because she is the only one who doesn’t have her own maid. This lead to her mother taking matters into her own hands – by asking Hayate to find Isumi a suitable maid. After sticking up posters advertising for a new position of a maid for the Saginomiya family (with the condition of having proficient use of smartphones), Hatsuho (Isumi’s mother) seemingly found the perfect candidate for the role. Who else can take the role of a maid no better than the Fumi Hibino? Near the end of this story, Nagi explains how Isumi doesn’t actually need a maid, and how the loving care of her own mother is more than enough.

Oh Isumi you so funny.

hayate-cuties-04-10 hayate-cuties-04-11


hayate-cuties-04-14Later on we see a flashback seeing how exactly Chiharu became Sakuya’s maid. The reason why Sakuya needed a maid was because her male butlers were beginning to be restricted in what they can do to serve Sakuya as she is growing up to womanhood, this lead to the family setting up a maid café as a facade to find Sakuya’s perfect maid.

Meeting Sakuya’s requirements of being bright, cheerful, efficient, as well as being funny enough to make her to do a spit take, Chiharu soon became the maid of the Aizawa family, and the rest is history.

hayate-cuties-04-25In another story, Sakuya feels saddened as she feels Nagi doesn’t need her anymore, after always being the ‘responsible older sister’ towards Nagi since childhood. Sakuya believes this is because of her inability to understand her manga, and calls for Isumi’s help to have her properly understand the contents of Nagi’s enigma of a manga.


hayate-cuties-04-19 hayate-cuties-04-20 hayate-cuties-04-21 hayate-cuties-04-22 hayate-cuties-04-23

Oh Hata you bastard you knew this episode was going to air around the same time Evangelion 3:33 is out on Blu-ray didn’t you?

Watching this week’s Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties made me realise how little of an appearance Isumi and Sakuya have in this series. The pair is usually seen together all the time because Hata managed to create a great chemistry between the two – as if they were a slapstick comedy duo where Sakuya is the straight man and Isumi is the funny man with a bad sense of orientation, hence, Sakuya’s paper fan.

hayate-cuties-04-06 hayate-cuties-04-07This episode managed to balance the appearance of the two characters quite well, by splitting up the episode into thirds where Isumi gets her own segment (from chapter 341 of the manga), followed by Sakuya’s own story (chapter 175) and then the final story of the episode featuring the two together in a double act (if you will), from the 309th chapter of the manga. Even with these cherry picked chapters, the pacing didn’t feel too slow nor too fast, but strangely consistent, which is both good and creepy at the same time because Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was horribly paced near the end.

Aside from Isumi and Sakuya, what was nice about this episode was that it had this underlying theme of maids. Isumi’s story sees her desire of wanting her own maid while Sakuya’s story sees how she got her own maid. If there is anything lacking in Hayate no Gotoku, it’s the variety of Maids. Maria and Saki alone are sadly not enough. I would kill for an episode of Hermione though. Manglobe and Hata-sensei please make it happen.

Sakuya Lv 1
Sakuya Lv 2
Sakuya Lv 3

What got on my nerves with Manglobe’s adaptation is how annoyingly different Sakuya’s hair colour is compared to the previous anime seasons and the manga. Even if on the back cover of the second manga volume shows Sakuya’s hair being light grey like a granny, it was soon established after her hair colour was of a mixture of brown and grey – which felt more natural to her character. When it came to the movie and the two seasons, her hair colour was altered to a slight hint of green and brown, as well as her hair band changing from pink to yellow. I’m not entirely sure if this was on Manglobe’s end or Hata’s, but I can’t think of any reason why they needed to change her hair colour.

“Sanzenin Mansion” in ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ and ‘Cuties’
Sanzenin Mansion in Season One and Two

Even more proof that it’s another mansion or the Sanzenin Mansion had an ambitious renovation…

I think it’s bricked.
From Call of Duty to House of the Dead, why are Manglobe such Westaboos?

Despite in this episode we saw Chiharu waltzing into the maid café and transforming into a maid in a split second, we weren’t actually told why she became a maid. I believe the second season explains this during Sakuya’s 14th Birthday Arc, but everyone probably had forgotten about it; Chiharu’s father’s company suddenly went bankrupt leading to Chiharu’s family facing financial woes. This lead to the possibility of Chiharu dropping out of Hakuou because her parents can’t afford the tuition anymore – and so she became an Aizawa maid so that she can earn enough money for herself to remain at Hakuou and support her family.

You will never be a child forever ;_;
Imagine in a bizarro world, Hayate was a girl. ;_;

Chiharu’s ordeal extends further later on in the plot when her house is burned down due to her parents accidentally causing it by making Motsunabe, leaving her with no choice but to start living with everyone else in the Violet Mansion. It’s as if Hayate’s bad luck is rubbing off on everyone… or, you know, Cuties is actually the sequel to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and there was actually another Black Camellia hidden in the mansion or something.

I watched this scene thinking it was Nyaruko GODAMMIT GET OUT OF MY HEAD

Fumi and Sharna seem to be having a bad case of ‘spontaneous appearances’ this season and this episode is no exception. Fumi plays a rather strong role in Isumi’s story where she’s the candidate for the role Isumi’s maid for being able to (゚Д゚) on her face, confirming her glorious ‘smartpho’ performing abilities. I was watching Nyaruko-san W over the weekend, and when I saw this week’s Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties I couldn’t help but notice how similar Fumi and Nyaruko’s voices are, because both characters are played by Kana Asumi. Isumi and Kuuko from Hayate and Nyaruko-san respectively both share the same voice actress too by the name of Miyu Matsuki. My view of Isumi instantly shattered sadly when I watched Nyaruko-san last year with Kuuko’s constant display of lewd dialogue. Thanks, Kuuko ;_;

Overall I guess the episode was okay. The animation remained consistent but fairly average in my opinion. I still feel a bit betrayed with last week’s A-tan episode. Let’s hope they won’t screw up next week’s episode starring Hina. Because we all know what happens when you upset Hina fans…

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