Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties 05


H! I! N! A! E! P! I! S! O! D! E! Hina episode!

TL Note: It’s exam season now meaning I must revise and not blog. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to continue posting Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties episodics for the rest of the season, but if I do, expect them to be brief and hastily done, like this post which I left drafting for a week, tehe~

hayate-cuties-05-03 hayate-cuties-05-04The fifth episode took me by surprise as Manglobe decided to adapt a chapter out of the Golden Week/Athena arc, marking the first of any kind of Hayate episode to feature something from the most popular story arc of the series. Specifically chapters 221, 222 and 223, it covers the beach volleyball double battle match between Hayate and Hinagiku, and Gilbert and his harem of volley-balling robots. The only differences is that the event takes place on Nagi’s artificial beach in Japan, rather than the sunny hot beach adjacent to the Aegean Sea.

That’s lewd, Hina
Why is Chiharu so adorable?
Hayate no baka
A-tan saving the show
That’s a lot of pads

The episode also adapts the more recent 340th chapter detailing the journey Hina embarked on to make Hayate to rub her breasts her stiff shoulders. They did a pretty good job of inserting the volleyball match in-between this story but however, as always the continuity and depth of the overall plot of Cuties is still suffering.

Nagi still a scrub

Let’s face it, a Hina episode cannot pass without anyone poking fun at Hinagiku’s flat chest and her lack of femininity, and I admit this week’s episode successfully succeeded in doing just that. From Yukiji’s antics at the start of the episode, to the godly Gilbert’s taunting of Hina’s delicious flat chest, it’s no wonder why Hina can easily flip out and decrease more of her femininity points.

She sees your penis
She sees your penis


While we did get a Hina episode last year in Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, it- no, let’s not go there. Long story short; Manglobe did a terrible job at the art throughout the series, and the third episode was one of the worst hit. Fortunately this time around Manglobe has turned around and changed their ways – although discovering a few notable areas that look a bit unfinished, the quality in this episode was strongly consistent, and has been for the fifth week running. The Hina service throughout this episode is a huge step up compared to the trash we got last year. I humbly forgive you, Manglobe.

Poor Hina…

hayate-cuties-05-24 hayate-cuties-05-25

What slipped into this episode is how they confirmed Nagi to be living in the Sanzenin Mansion on weekdays and the Violet Mansion on weekends – meaning at some point during the manga Nagi will get her mansion back, supposedly her fortune too, and undergo this lifestyle.

This makes me concerned however because if this is the case, then what will become of this series? Is Cuties non-canon set in the future for the sole purpose of repeating events that have happened in the past, or is it actually canon and Hata will justify the repeat of past events being the Endless Eight phenomenon of some sort the King’s Jewel evildoing? Or maybe, just maybe, a conspiracy where Nagi loses everything – her inheritance, Maria, Hayate, everyone, and starves to death, and this series is simply just her memories flashing back at her just bef- fuck that.

Hina’s smile is the miracle of the universe
Hina’s facade was so wooden. You know what else is wooden? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

hayate-cuties-05-17 hayate-cuties-05-11

Such lovely savisu.

I couldn’t help but notice a gaffe when Hina took off her shirt to reveal her swimsuit. Before when she had her shirt there was no lacing around her neck to show she was wearing one, until she took off the shirt, it magically appears.

hayate-cuties-05-18 hayate-cuties-05-19 hayate-cuties-05-20 hayate-cuties-05-21 hayate-cuties-05-22

Will Hayate ever notice Hina’s femme fatale? Who knows.

To wrap it up, after the terror and horrors of the butchering of Hina in that episode in Season 3, Manglobe has finally created the Hina episode everyone deserves. 9.5/10

I wish they adapted chapter 267 featuring donkey-eared Hina ;_;

PS. ‘Beach Volleyball’ spoken in Japanese sounds like “Bitch Volleyball” ha ha.