Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties 09


This episode was bought to you by a joint presentation between Chiharu Harukaze and Kayura Tsurugino.


Maids! Maids! Maids!


Maids! Maids! Maids! FORCED! FORCED! FORCED! 
Maids! Maids! Maids! FORCED! FORCED! FORCED!
Maids! Maids! Maids! FORCED! FORCED! FORCED!





Those eyes contains deeper meanings than you could ever imagine them to be.


My favourite.



Chillax girls, it’s just an anime.






Nagi’s thighs speaks the truth.


I seriously hope you guys aren’t watching less than 20 anime this season.



Oh, of course, Hina hi-jacking everyone’s episodes with her forced hi-jacking fanservice.

My apologies that I didn’t get this post through on time last week, I had exams to focus on and I needed the extra time I could get to revise. Hope you understand.

This has got to be the most crappiest paced episode so far. Chiharu’s spotlight took up three-quarters of the entire episode while Kayura claimed only a tiny bit towards the end (and to top it off it was a mere flashback segment where Hayate and Nagi gives her a tour around Hakuou). To be fair, cherry-picking manga chapters to adapt and making them fit into a coherent episode does take a lot of effort to perfectly engineer. However, knowing Hata’s fluctuated style of pacing in each chapter he creates, Manglobe sure has its work cut out for themselves.

Similar to how Sakuya paired up with Isumi in the fourth episode, Chiharu gets paired with Kayura in this episode. There doesn’t seem to be an explicit chemistry between the two girls as it stands in current events in the manga however. Kayura is still fairly a new character who barely appears, yet prominently made lots of mysterious appearances in the Manglobe-curated productions. So it’s still quite a mystery towards her character and why Hata seems to be backing her so forcefully than, say, other more popular characters who deserve the spotlight like Athena Fumi. Despite all this, the thread that ties Chiharu and Kayura together is that they have a passion for anime and manga; and everything else in-between. Throw Nagi into the mix and they form Hayate no Gotoku’s ‘Holy Otaku Trinity’.

In Sakuya and Isumi’s episode the two ojous were always closely knit together, appeared in the same scenes together and shared the same stories together. This is because the two have share a relationship as rich ojou-sama childhood friends (not forgetting Nagi) that was established early in the series. My gripe about this episode is that this ‘togetherness’ is absent. It was primarily a Chiharu episode where Chiharu was doing her own thing while Kayura was casually toddled along at the end. The two never really shown a connection, let alone spoke to one another throughout the episode (the only time they did was at the beginning of the episode featuring the forced maid outfit service). I was going to rate this episode pretty low, but a double dose of delicious Hina near the end made it up for me haha.

Maria is up next episode… god save us.

PS. You wouldn’t guess how many times I’ve mysteriously mis-typed ‘Chiharu’ as ‘Chihaya’ in the drafts of this post.