Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties 11


As speculated, while the first ten episodes of Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties featured each heroine of the series, the final two will serve an original story by Kenjirou Hata about the history of Kisu, the Japanese name for fish!



The episode begins with Hayate in a grainy monochromatic dream realm confronted by a Tanuki and a humanoid Black Camellia, thus confirming Cuties is indeed a follow-up sequel to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. Not much is revealed at first other than the two “Freakymons” requesting a favour from Hayate. It is then revealed later on that all of the main girls of the series (or more specifically, all the heroines who got their own episodes for the past ten weeks), all had the same dream where Hayate asked them for a kiss.


End of Neon Genisis Hayatelion


Where’s Tanuki?


I’ve missed you Klaus, and n-no thank you.



After numerous (failed) attempts of asking a kiss from Hinagiku, Nishizawa, Maria, A-tan, Ruka and Chiharu out of context, it is then finally revealed that Hayate has been given the mission to kiss a girl before midnight strikes, where failure to do so will separate Hayate from Nagi forever. Quite an ominous threat and a throwback to the plot in Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Meanwhile, Nagi is seen in a deep state of sleep and slept throughout the whole episode, and Kaoru-sensei makes another attempt to ask Yukiji out.


Would you?



The episode concludes in a cliffhanger where a cross-dressing Hayate faces off with a bush covered and drunken Yukiji in a good old fashioned fight, presumably in the evening and close to the midnight deadline.


Will Hayate ever appear in a climax NOT cross-dressed?

I swear this scene has now been done by all three studios.




It’s a wonder how their council never bothered to replace that damaged road fence.

This original story has got to be one of the most wackiest and insane plotlines Hata has come up with to date. Witnessing Hayate waking up from a mysterious dream, then literally seconds later approaching the heroines and asking them for a kiss out of context was a very strange experience.



The episode direction is a huge departure from past episodes with a huge emphasis on juxtaposition; compared to the last ten episodes which sailed smoothly in a linear direction while simultaneously staying faithful to the manga. Since this episode is entirely original, Hata can do whatever the hell he wants.

The scenes constantly jumped around like a frog on expired acid; from Hayate’s failed attempt to get a kiss from one of the heroines, to the black and white dream realm where the Tanuki and Pocket Watch guy resides.

This haphazard direction did a nice job giving all the side characters a chance for a respectable amount of screen-time and lines, but the side effect to this was that it was difficult to follow and realise that either the next scene actually happened in the past, or that it is occurring in the future.


Hayate’s on the Midnight Channel!




Watching this episode reminded me of the days over six months ago when I watched Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. Not just the fact that this is a follow up to it, but the fast paced narration, the coherent pacing and unfortunately, the rushed conclusion.

I’m worried that this original story is headed in this same direction again and concerned that Hata jumped the gun again and tried to do something in such limited and restricted time and space. Let’s just hope the conclusion next week will play this story off in the most smoothest and consistent manner.

So long story short: Hayate must find and kiss a girl for reasons unknown before midnight to prevent himself from being separated from his Ojou-sama by the Black Camellia forever.


Rip in peace, iNexus Phone The Fifth ;_;



Manglobe will never animate that scene, will they ;__;


If Hayate’s Kiss List is correct, then; Hinagiku, Hamster, Maria, A-tan, Ruka and Chiharu are out of the picture; which leaves Miki, Risa, Izumi, Isumi, Sakuya and Nagi still in the running. Knowing Hata, anything can be possible.

Could this be the moment Hata finally decides who has rightfully won Hayate?

Mark your calendars for 2nd July 2013, 01:35AM Japan Time, because Hayate no Gotoku! history could possibly well be made.

But come one, I seriously hope you guys know fully well who is obviously going to win.