Hayate no Gotoku! (2014) OVA Vol. A


It’s hard to believe that Hayate no Gotoku! surpassed ten years of serialisation. Ten years, that’s nearly double the amount of year’s I’ve been living lol. Even though I started following Hayate since 2007 it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I first came across Hayate in one of those free manga taster books Viz Media used to make years ago when they had spare change. Leaving aside my disappointment that Hata yet again shot himself in the foot by wasting more OVA opportunities, on with the episodic review.

I still don’t get why Hata changed the logo. I liked the older one.

hayate2014_ep1_08Episode one of this 2014 OVA (there isn’t really a name they gave for this, so I’ll call it ‘2014 OVA’) covers chapters 161 and 267. You know, the one where Nagi plays with the model RC cars, and the other one where Hina gets donkey ears. I wish Hata named his chapters like they do in Friends rather than naming them excessively long like crappy light novels. It’s easier to find out the chapter numbers that way.

Implying Hayate x Nagi
I want to donkey punc- no actually forget it.

There isn’t much to comment on this OVA because they mostly copied and pasted what happened in the chapters frame by frame and didn’t add much original *cough*JC Staff*cough*. These are ‘okay’ chapters to adapt I guess but aren’t all that important.

I’m starting to get the impression that Hina doesn’t like planes
Don’t you think dense main characters is pretty cliche nowad- never mind.

Now this is usually the part where I rip on Manglobe’s low production quality like I do in every recent Hayate post and 2014’s OVA is no exception. It’s a shame to see the production quality take a dive again with this OVA; occasional distanced shots of characters looked derpy, everyone’s hair enlarged again to levels seen in CTMEOY where it looks as if like it’s devouring the character’s heads whole; at the end of the day it just feels cheap.


Eh, I guess this OVA was ‘okay’. Quite nostalgic when they suddenly played the first ever Hayate OP when the credits rolled as well as the return of the almighty Norio Wakamoto as the RC car, so props to Manglobe. Not a must-watch by a long shot, but something to watch if you have a bit of spare time. It was great to see as well they included Izumi’s ‘Bad End’ with Hayate towards the end (from the end illustration in Volume 8 of the manga). Bad End? More like GOOD END am I rite? (Look, I just want Izumi to be happy ;__;)

Nevertheless, two more OVA episodes have been confirmed to be coming throughout the rest of the year. Fingers crossed once the OVAs complete Hata and Manglobe has something good planned up their sleeves next year.