Nyarth’s Top 16 Moments of 2016


I had planned to post this on New Years Eve but because of ~things~ I had to delay it until now, happy belated 2017! Please treat this post as if it was the final day of 2016.

Another year another retrospective post to sum up things highlighting said year like clockwork just to make it feel like it was yet another productive year and not just a reason to update my blog after a long period of inactivity or anything. But who’d have thought I’d have cranked out two blog posts after so long?

To be frank I’m sick of 2016, 2016 has been an awful year and I don’t even need to explain why as everyone seems to have an idea. That’s right, the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2016 was fucking rigged by the alt-fujos. This year all of the usual best of, retrospective and look back on the year – most if not all have been regurgitating the same depressing and tragic news happening all over the world.

This post however isn’t going to be like that at all. Nuh-uh. This post is going to happy. 100% happy. You might say, 100% Anne Happy. Remembering bad events that happened this year from the endless string of celebrity deaths to the death of Harambe to the death of the 30 young men and women slaughtered in Mayoiga and to the death of Harambe will always be clear as day because negative thoughts always stick to the mind. In this post we are going to look back on the under-reported moments of fun as I count down my personal Top 16 Best Moments in 2016 within the anime and manga and weeaboo realm. Why 16? Because screw doing Top 10s; taking the lower incremental numerical value of the year of the orbital movement of the Earth around the Sun sounds a lot cooler than the number ten.

Nyarth’s Top 16 Moments of 2016!

16. I want to get off Mr Mayoiga’s Wild Ride


Mayoiga was one cheeky little anime. Noticing this was being written by our anime screenwriter overlord Mari Okada I knew Mayoiga was something I definitely had to watch; regardless if it was absolute shite or an absolute masterpiece or absolute trash. Mayoiga fortunately was in the latter of this spectrum.

Eh? Uh maybe a little bit more left…..




Hmm nah a little further…

Uh maybe former…



Mayoiga was an absolute train wreck.


Mayoiga started off with a pretty cool looking set-up about these 30-odd people travelling to a desolate village wishing to start their lives anew with their long-term economic plans. Everyone in the community quickly went into full CSI mode placing their two British sterling pennies who will die and who will be the survivors of this show and who will win the Mitsumunebowl because that was the tone this show was heading… which turned out to not be the case at all. The series tries to get you chummy with all 30 characters from episode one but it ended up being 24 minutes of character heads and their one-liners. Sure I grew used with the character as each week passed but the show only ever focuses on a small group out of the bunch and the rest get laid around as background fodder.

What I did like about Mayoiga was not specifically anything about the show, but the experience of watching such a train wreck week-by-week while holding a small but pointless glimmer of hope the show would subvert itself into a masterpiece. The show kinda turns good near the end but then soils it with its lack of core conclusion and a corrupted moral. Mayoiga was an absolute shit show but it was fun going along with the ride.

15. Bakuon Made Me Lust After and Taking Photographs of Motorcycles in Real Life


bakuon_bikethingBakuon!! was a wholesome cute-girls-doing-cute-things family show about girls riding motorcycles to what K-ON! was with playing light music and eating teas and cakes (✿◠‿◠).

I’m not a motorcycle person myself let alone a motor head, but Bakuon!! has indeed piqued my interest in them with those Hondas, Yamahas and Suzukis Harley David-sans. But I underestimated the show; the power of Hane’s pure love of her SuuFour, Rin’s Suzuki propaganda, Onsa’s tenacious merchant ways, Rin’s Suzuki propaganda, Hijiri’s Butler being a Ducati fanboy, Rin’s Suzuki propaganda, Chisame being a try-hard at arcade games and Raimu-senpai being… Raimu, and Rin’s Suzuki propaganda. Now that I have finished watching the series whenever I now pass by a parked motorcycle in real life I would take notice of it and giggle inside with glee if it was a motorbike remotely featured in the series.

14. Kuma Miko Anime-Original Controversial Shitfest Ending Machi Did Nothing Wrong Fuck Yoshio He is Literally Hitler



The anime original ending of Kuma Miko in this year’s Spring season of anime has been the most controversial and the creepiest anime ending of 2016.

kumamiko_bear_1 kumamiko_bear_2For context Machi; a girl with mental anxieties due to her sheltered life in the boonies was forcibly entered into an idol contest in hopes to invigorate life and tourism back into her home village. She suffers extreme stage fright on-stage at the event but later follows through after receiving a glimmer of hope and encouragement from the people of her village. She manages to earn a special “you tried” award prize but then suffers a hallucination upon the cheering crowd deluded into thinking they’re throwing stones at her. She then depressingly devolves into a child whos even more immature than she was in the first episode and lives the remainder of her damaged life in psuedo-bliss and utter ignorance with a talking bear. Oh yeah Kuma Miko also features a talking bear.

Seeing Machi so gleefully happy playing with Natsu in the final minutes of the show and mispronouncing Internet Saito while the ending song plays in the background was the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in anime in 2016. It was even made clear something went wrong when some staff members of the show deleted their Twitter accounts and erased their credits from the show, even the author chimed in to express his dismay on the ending, but then sorta took it back in a later post and changed his opinion into an ambiguous neutral one probably to not lose all of his anime royalties.

13. Girlish We Are Number One


Girlish Number is the anti-anime of the year; the total opposite if you switch the binary code from 0 to 1 and vice-versa in the video files of Shirobako. I first discovered the show walking though the endless narrow aisles in a bunch anime and manga goods shops in Akihabara when I was in Japan this Summer and was ostensibly attracted to QP:flapper’s character illustration on huge cardboard cutouts. This was when I had zero knowledge of who this smug pink-haired character was and what thing she came from.

I remember watching the first episode having no idea what it was about because the episode jumped from seiyuus to idols to dancing; it was only a little later in the episode when show cemented itself as a seiyuu anime with a cynical essay-style insight into the anime industry. Girlish Number follows Sore ga Seiyuu and Shirobako in the working lives of anime industry people; popularising the sub-genre of “meta anime production” in recent years but with a very dark and contemptuous twist. When I found out this was written by the light novel cyniclist Wataru Watari it all became crystal clear to me why he made Girlish Number.

I appreciated Chitose’s journey throughout the show; from her starting point as this shallow, low-key blunt and self-centered character blaming the state of the anime industry cock-blocking her the opportunity to express her brilliant voice acting talents that she deserves, to the end of the series where she develops into this shallow, low-key blunt and self-centered character blaming the state of the anime industry cock-blocking her the opportunity to express her brilliant voice acting talents that she deserves – but with newly acquired friends and kouhais she made along the way!

12. The Great Assassination Classroom Marathon


Thanks to one reason leading to another and so fourth – earlier this year I found myself marathoning the entirety of the Assassination Classroom manga in a matter of days and shortly after the anime to the point I was up to date with the then airing second season and absolutely not because I got told it includes a crossdressing androgynous main character.


As a simple man who hasn’t been a hardcore shonen fan ever since I turned 14, Ansatsu was a breath of fresh air in the shonen sphere because of how it just felt so optimal; it contains all of the tropes and conventions that make a shonen function and never unders or overpowers itself while adding a couple of original elements into the mix for some humorous twists and it was absolutely not because I got told it includes a crossdressing androgynous main character.


Ansatsu was a terrific ride from beginning to end, made full use of its story arcs and never felt fillery; the parts that kinda are shifts into mini-comedic slice-of-life episodes which successfully works due to the show’s fun-hearted atmosphere in what is actually a rather dark and anxious setting and absolutely not because I got told it includes a crossdressing androgynous main character.


The ending of Ansatsu locked in the show for me. I’m not going to mention any specific spoilers but at this point in time it’s out there already anyway, but the final few chapters left me on the edge of my worn out office chair seat because of how tense and stressful everything was, the panic-mode enduring chapter titles didn’t help either. We all know what was the final conclusion going to be yet Matsui marvellously delivered it in the most spectacular and heart-melting way. Korosensei’s final roll call is one of the most memorable moments of the series because of just how much emotions and feelings is embellished into each characters after all that they’ve been through and absolutely not all of the moments when Nagisa crossdressed in girly clothing.

Ansatsu was a fantastic series that is going to be missed. Although there’s the couple of spin-off stuff going on currently so not all is lost yet.

11. The Suffering of Re:Zero


This anime is on everyone’s Top 10 Anime Lists of 2k16 so it must be somewhere on my list too by default.

Re:Zero aired this year to much fanfare from the anime circlejunk thanks to its unapologetic take on the isekai genre that is all the rage these days in otaku literature, but adds much dramatic elements to it which is key to what leaves viewers distraught on the edge of their seats and keeps coming back for more like they’re masochistic perverts. The fact that much production prowess was put into the show in terms of Masaharu Watanabe persistently skipping the opening and ending sequences to make room for more episode screen time and Kenichirou Suehiro’s un-anime but anime-like soundtrack, the stellar popularity and stellar production ethic go hand-in-hand making Re:Zero one of the top sweet anime series of twenty sixteen.

Don’t get me wrong I love Re:Zero, it’s one of my top favourites of the year, what irks me about Re:Zero though is what other light-novel-adapted anime does; falling into what I call the “volume 1 syndrome”; where we have a gripping pilot story that is told in its entirety in the first volume – filled with memorable moments that will be remembered for years to come, but then dilly-dally’s and quickly loses its mojo in subsequent volumes. Yes the next story arc begins, but because now the first “pilot” arc was successful to allow them to continue they’re ambitiously fueled to make this new story arc big and grandiose, and so requires a couple few volumes to carry out; but then they realise they haven’t thought this through and that they suck at writing multi-volume story scenarios; thus creating this inconsistent mess of pacing of events and extreme cases of padding.

Confirming this first hand as I had just recently finished reading the first light novel volume by Yen Press, the volume contains the series of events that is adapted in the first hour-long anime episode. While I’m still reading the second volume I’m sure the second volume contains what is mostly if not all of the next arc starring Rem and Ram.
Re:Zero I felt suffered in the midst of the series because the story just never progressed as much as it did in the first handful of episodes, and is saturated deeper due to the reset mechanic which at some points of the show became confusing because it was hard to keep track with what has actually happened and what didn’t.

Re:Zero felt incomplete, sure there is more material beyond where the anime finishes so a second season may be coming but that’s not the point here. The series as a whole was aimless and it never had a overarching plot line other than a guy getting reset ability as he gets dumped in a new world and just finds himself messing with the affairs with people he randomly came into contact. Perhaps that was the aim from the creator but if it were then that is such a shallow narrative. The character shipping which at a historical point of the anime series stirred a shit storm with the fans is so gratuitously pandering and I feel is only there just to bump sales but more importantly interferes with the discourse of the story; much like how pre-mature the locked in relationships are in Sword Art Online. Nevertheless, these negatives doesn’t entirely put Re:Zero in the red and I can see why it became so popular. Now when is that season two announcement coming…

10. The End Game of LLSIF


I’ve been regularly playing the infamous mobile game (mobage for short) that is Love Live! School Idol Festival ever since it came out back in 2013 (and in English in 2014) and lowe and behold I am still playing today. What it seemed like a never-ending mobage until the developers run out of money and shut the servers down I was surprised to see that the µ’s story campaign reach its conclusion in October this year. That’s it. Done. It’s over. µ’s is kill.

Even though the story campaign in LLSIF wasn’t Oscar-nominating material; such as the episode when the µ’s crew petted some alpacaa, another where they go on trips to write for the school newspaper and the actual important arc when they take part in the School Idol Festival, I felt quite sad about the news because it was technically the final nail in the OG school idol coffin. Seeing the µ’s saying goodbye from the anime movie to the final concert in Tokyo Dome and now the mobile game made me realise Aqours are now our full-time Love Live! overlords. For all the flak Love Live! gets from the vocal detractors I have strong personal feelings for this franchise ever since I first heard of them in 2010 and am sad how this six year campaign has come to a canonical end.

The µ’s story has finished on the Japanese version of the game for now but it’s in only due time before the English version reaches it too (Chapter 47 specifically).

9. My Journey to Self Discovery on Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is without a doubt one of the biggest phenomenons of 2016. It’s viciously strong widespread mass appeal from one of the world’s most iconic franchise has springboarded itself to become the highest grossing mobile game of all time. Now there was one disastrous problem to this all; I COULDN’T FIND MYSELF. I COULDN’T FIND ONE SINGLE MEOWTH IN THIS FUCKING MOBILE GAME.





Everywhere I went in the days and weeks since the game launched I could not find one single Meowth. How could this be, me having built a persona around the feline Pokemon ever since I debuted on the internet. This was absolutely shameful. Even worse, dozens of Twitter followers tormented me non-stop sending me screenshots of themselves catching Meowths making me feel like I’m in a messed-up NTR scenario. Hell even my auntie manage to catch one! This damaged my well-being greatly and I was at a loss of my identity and who I was, and ultimately forced myself to go on a journey of self-discovery (on Pokémon GO).

My birthday on 27th July was fast approaching and I feared this could be one of my darkest birthdays to date. I was turning a year older but I still couldn’t find myself (on Pokémon GO).

But in a miraculous stroke of luck, this all changed on the eve of my birthday; hours before the clock struck midnight at GMT+0 Daylight Savings, I MANAGED TO FIND A MEOWTH HANGING AROUND A ROADSIDE!

2016 has been a rough year but this was definitely my brightest highlight.

8. Hayate no Gotoku! Entering the Final Arc


2016 was the year our man Kenjiro Hata finally set in motion the final arc of Hayate no Gotoku!. The Sanzenin’s inheritance graduates from its low-key macguffin status to the final almanac, ships were sunk and King’s jewels were sacrificed left right and center, Himegami finally appears and the longest running misunderstanding of all time finally began to meet its demise.

While I do wholeheartedly understand Hayate no Gotoku! may have overdue its stay and is a work of its time pre-2010s, but as a passionate long-time fan of this series and being the sole reason why I got into anime and manga in the first place I can’t help but feel depressed about this news. 2017 will definitly be Hina’s year be Hayate’s final year.

7. Love Live! Sunshine!!


With the original Love Live! School Idol Movie releasing over the 2015 holidays and µ’s making their historical final performance a Tokyo Dome in March this year, I wasn’t too sure if I could quickly adjust into our new Aqours overlords with Love Live! Sunshine!! while I was busy sobbing over the end of µ’s and looking back on their six-year journey.

I still remember being absolutely blown away watching the first episode as it aired real-time in Japan. Sunrise took what was successful with the original series and made it better ten-fold; from the organic school idol drama to the moving and motivational moments it was a never-ending carnival of goofy school idol hi-jinks with our new lovable Aqours cast of characters. The most annoying part of Sunshine for me is its over-referencing and idolisation (heh) of µ’s where it got to the point during the first batch of episodes I was sure Chika was a sociopath.

I had an interesting personal experience watching Sunshine as I first began watching it from my university student house, to my Airbnb apartment in Tokyo and then back in my own home. So much has happened for me over this Summer and I still remember the social context I was in for every one of Sunshine’s episodes. The strangest one being watching the episode when Aqours go to Tokyo and Akiba for the first time mirroring the same experience I had between a matter of hours on that day. The ending song too will forever hold a personal feeling to me because it was the song that I listened to as I was left Japan on the plane with a stream of tears down my face ;__;

Sunshine continues the Love Live! legacy and I can’t wait what will be in store for the next couple of years for Aqours.



Now this isn’t at all anime related but it is my most hilarious yet traumatising anecdote this year so I just had to include this.

So it occurred on one late night when I was walking home after a long day working my arse off at uni. My usual path home includes a walk through a small neighbourhood park which is eerily lit at night with a few street lamp posts. This was my last stretch before my house which was around the corner outside of the park when it just so happened two foxes walked out of the bushes and plainly sits on the middle of the pathway. Just like how an NPC would stand in your way in a game because you’re not ready to traverse past from where they are standing.

I was already aware foxes were quite common in the town but this was the first time I had ever come into direct and close contact with face to face. I naturally thought the fox would scurry off as soon as I got closer as they are known to be shy towards people but no matter how close I approached those foxes wouldn’t budge an inch. I got creeped out all of a sudden and stopped walking before I instinctively whipped out my phone to document this absurd event on Twitter because that is what you must do in 2016.

A few minutes passed while I had just hung around the vicinity I assumed the fox would have scurried off. So off I go back to my normal track and good news the foxes have disappeared! I thought ‘sweet this is my chance’ only until as I got closer THE TWO FUCKING FOXES JUMPED BACK OUT OF THE BUSHES.

I became creeped out as fuck because the way they came out of the bushes felt so scripted as if they were out to get me. I was thinking ‘fuck this I’m going to walk around’ and so I did but then I smelt a cloud of marijuana smoke on the path of my detour and I wasn’t in the mood to get off high from second-hand weed from middle-aged men. I was stumped for what I should do as I remain loitering in the middle of that small neighbourhood for a good 10 minutes. I then decided to get my shit together and conquer the fox-occupied park as I sprinted full force with what physical and mental energy I had left through the park; ignoring any random encounters of feral creatures that came in my way. I forgot to notice if the foxes were actually still there but none of that matters anymore as I safely made my way out of the other end o the park and back home safely. The whole kerfuffle lasted for like 20 minutes and thankfully no one appeared to be around to witness my embarrass moment.

tl;dr – Foxes triggers me.

5. The End of Nisekoi


2016 saw the conclusion to the beloved masterpiece that is Nisekoi. Never had I ever been so invested into the waifu wars a series than I ever had been with Nisekoi.

Nisekoi was a manga in which I followed on day one when I noticed an anon dumped the oneshot onto the 4chan anime and manga board /a/. I’ve forgotten the reason, but I was instantly hooked. Fast forward six years later and who’d had thought that Nisekoi would become Shonen Jump’s longest running romantic comedy harem manga.

This was also the series where I had discovered my one true waifu, Kosaki Onodera, and became that infamous Nisekoi spammer on Twitter where I tweet out frame by frame of every moment Kosaki was on screen when the anime was airing with an accompanied emoticon provided by JapaneseEmoticons.me.

It was objectively clear from the beginning, middle and the end that Chitoge would win the Rakubowl. She was the poster girl of the series. No matter how much F-san or Y-san influenced the polls or me buying every Kosaki merchandise known to man nothing was ever going to change the fate of the story. Knowing all this, I remained optimistic. Ignoring all the disparaging comments from the naysayers, I still believed. Somewhere down the line Nisekoi wouldn’t end on a pre-determined conclusion engraved on some tablet stone and will subvert the audience’s expectations. And I guess in some areas it did, but it couldn’t be sadly said for the overarching finale.

I was extremely disappointed about the ending as a package, it was handled extremely weak that it didn’t feel like an ending at all; loose ends were unsatisfyingly tied up in a rush, characters were haphazardly written off left right and center as if the author just got told he only had a couple of allocated chapter slots left. How the author literally threw Kosaki under the bus in comparison to every other character was treated was inexcusable.

Despite the damaging problems as well as the dozens of irks I have with the series, it isn’t enough to bring me to hate Nisekoi as a whole. I can’t just let it all go into the trash after these 5 years.

Nisekoi holds a special place in my heart. I feel something within me had disappeared as Nisekoi ended; I don’t think I can ever enjoy a harem series as highly ever again as I did with Nisekoi. Nisekoi has been the peak of my enjoyment of a harem series and I couldn’t have asked for more.

4. Your Name


I’ve already explained why Your Name is one of my favourite experiences of the year and the best anime of the year and the best thing in existence this year in my previous post so go read that ;___;

3. Comiket 90 and Meeting the Hayate no Gotoku Mangaka!


2016 was the year I took the plunge and visited the land of Japan over Summer; carefully timed as well so that I could attend the legendary holy grail of otaku events; Comic Market, and man was that an experience.

I attended all three days, arriving at modest times on the first two days in-order to get a feel of the event and to prepare going all out by arriving on the first trains on the final day. Luckily the heat wasn’t that intense compared to how it has reportedly been in the past.


While the doujinshi halls were everything I had expected, the cosplay zones is something to behold. I remember always following all of the Comiket photos Sankaku Complex regurgitates during every Comiket from Japanese imageboards and being dazzled by how sparkling the event appeared… only to realise Japanese photographers loves to take overexposed photos. You have to be in the cosplay zones in person because the photos doesn’t do them justice; I’m talking about the reality of the battlefield that is the cosplay zone.


What you rarely see are the dozens of seas and walls of photographers behind the lens surrounding the cosplayers as they often get blurred into oblivion or they are extremely cropped it is hard to get an understanding of the scale. The photographer to cosplayer ratio is like 100:1. I am used to seeing cosplayers chasing after the photographers in Western countries because they are rather niche however it’s the other way around in Japan. Event staff; recognised by their fluorescent caps and armbands manifest every so often to break up overstaying crowds to allow other cosplayer’s time to shine. Other ‘exclusive’ cosplayers had photographers lining up to take photos of their pre-planned sequences of poses and it wasn’t as if I lined up to take photos of a Felix cosplayer from Re:Zero. The cosplay zone was a dynamic battlefield for the photographers to snap up the tastiest cosplayers on offer. The same goes for the cosplayers to get their name out their handing out endless business cards and signage with their Twitter and Line IDs whereas the lesser known and “unpopular” cosplayers loiter around the sidelines on their ubiquitous iPhones waiting for that one photographer to ask them for their picture.



I didn’t really have my eyes set on anything particular at Comiket as I only wanted to go to experience the madness. I did track down and list a bunch of artists I’m familiar with before hand just so that I have an agenda in the event to check out their booths. On the first day alone I found myself dropping almost £100 on Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan Production Books and Kizumonogatari Part I Animation Book at the Shaft booth. Comiket is scary…

I already had pre-conceived knowledge of Comiket witnessing the ruckus in plenty of anime and manga as well as anecdotes told from my real life friends and it fulfilled every last one of them and then some. It still feels surreal to me that I had actually attended Comiket in the flesh. One of the main pillars of my trip.

On the last day of Comiket I also had the golden opportunity to meet the mad man legend himself, the mangaka of Hayate no Gotoku! Kenjiro Hata! He was holding a picket sign for his doujin stand Hajimemashite for the Sore ga Seiyuu doujin he was selling. Visiting Hata’s booth was the first thing on my to-do list on the final day and while I was navigating through the sea crowds in search I was left speechless when I turned my head around to see him simply loitering around the queued crowds. I instantly recognise his face after seeing a couple of photos of him online before and the fact that he was donned in Sore ga Seiyuu merch said it all. It was pretty cool as well that he had a sign allowing photos of him taken (which I assume is safe to share online?). I had to wait for a couple of other fans taking photos with him before I dropped my spaghetti and scraped by telling him I was an overseas fan of his with my broken Japanese and asked for a selfie through my potato quality front facing phone camera, which I tried to redeem myself when I asked for his photo on my DSLR after buying his doujin. My only regret to this was not bringing my first English volume manga of Hayate in an attempt to ask him to sign it… Absolute chill guy and even though it was only for like 10 seconds before I got pushed into the queue that moment is so precious to me that I had actually met the author to my favourite manga of all time!



I can count the number of times I had gone out clubbing with my hands throughout university (I’m just more of a house party guy). Don’t get me wrong I’m comfortable with the clubbing concept it’s just that I don’t mix well with UK clubs; the main reason being I lack the knowledge of the majority of the music playing because I’m a filthy weeb who listens to anime trash. MOGRA on the other hand is anything but.

For those not in the know MOGRA is a fun little nightclub situated in Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan known as the nightclub for otakus. Their main “index” nights play anime songs from past, present and seasonal while on other nights invites big DJs, Ps and underground artists to perform original tracks and mixes often pertaining to the anime bubble (TL Note: Porter Robinson has performed at MOGRA in the past).

I got pretty drunk that night so it is hard to remember any specifics but a memorable moment was this guy attempting to take my shirt off for whatever reason and later realising he might have been part of the yakuza as he had dragon and tiger tattoos all over his body as he took his shirt off. He later disappeared towards the end of the night because he got kicked out for smoking near the DJ area.

The fact that I knew most of the songs played (60% were seasonal anime songs from Summer 2016) and was under the influence of shochu high balls I was able to truly to let myself go making MOGRA one of my biggest highlights while in Japan as well as being for my entire year. I tried finding a link to the livestream recording of the night on MOGRA’s USTREAM but it seems to have disappeared ;__;

1. Visiting Japan


I guess it’s already been spoiled by my last two moments and a couple earlier on, but taking the plunge travelling to Japan this Summer is proudly my number one moment of 2016. For a year that has been full of negativity and hate in the world, I was able to completely run away from it all for three weeks in glorious Nippon. It was like venturing out into a new world.

There is just so much I want to talk about in my travels that it’s taking this long to write out my series of blogposts – I’m planning a day of travel per post meaning I’m writing around 20 posts at once! But to generalise I cherish every single moment of my time there. Insert cliche line here it has always been my dream and on my bucket list to go to Japan as it’s the thing to do as a long-time anime fan. I had the privilege to meet a bunch of Twitter folk out there, try out legit Japanese food and fulfilled my duty to get my dick out for Harambe at the Odaiba Onsens. Flying back home to the UK in tears facing the post-Japan blues only just makes me motivated to start saving up money again to go back and, who knows, perhaps even plan to go work and live there in the near future.

Nyarth’s Top 16 Anime of 2016

  1. Kimi no Na wa
  2. Hibike! Euphonium 2
  3. Kizumonogatari (I+II)
  4. Love Live! Sunshine!!
  5. Girlish Number
  6. New Game!
  7. Yuri!! On Ice
  8. Boku dake ga Inai Machi
  9. Re:Zero
  10. Sansha Sanyou
  11. Planetarian
  12. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
  13. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
  14. Flying Witch
  15. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
  16. Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

Nyarth’s Top 16 Anime Songs of 2016

  1. Love Live! Sunshine!! ED
  2. New Game OP
  3. Hibike! Euphonium 2 ED
  4. Bakuon!! OP
  5. Anne Happy ED
  6. Boku dake ga Inai Machi ED
  7. Sansha Sanyou OP
  8. Hibike! Euphonium 2 OP
  9. Assassination Classroom S2 ED2
  10. Haruchika OP
  11. Girlish Number OP
  12. Love Live! Sunshine!! OP
  13. Flying Witch OP
  14. Re:Zero ED2
  15. Magic of Stella OP
  16. Yuri!! On Ice OP