Let’s talk about Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 561 and how Nagi didn’t deserve this.


Oh boy when was the last time I made a Hayate no Gotoku! post?

Spoiler Warning: Hayate no Gotoku! spoilers ahead but who the hell is still reading this amirite? ;_;


So it’s finally happened. After 561 chapters and 12 years of ignoring the elephant under the rug, Nagi discovers Hayate’s love for her never existed; making it perhaps the longest misunderstanding in existence. Maria has been put on a bus and Nagi’s mother’s old home is potentially going to be sold away for demolishment; unless Hayate’s dad’s shtick was all a cruel prank. Speaking of; to add insult to injury, Hayate’s parents have at last made their formal debut in the manga along with their face reveals; putting every single YouTuber’s face reveals combined to shame and made the entire situation thus far just ever so the little more tragic for our ojou-sama.

Maria is gone.

Hayate doesn’t love her.

Nagi is all alone now.


While I knew resolving this dozen-year long misunderstanding was going to happen at some point – hell even the manga wasn’t apologetic about foreshadowing this outcome when Hayate needed a “sudden rush of negative emotions” to open the gates to the Royal Palace – I didn’t fathom it to be this savagely brutal. Just noticing the extra line strokes under Nagi’s eyes in recent chapters was already bad enough, but with the surprise entrance of Hayate’s parents fucking shit up proving truly to be the worst parental dirtbags in existence only rubs more insensitive salt to Nagi’s wounds. It’s been tough reading the recent chapters.


But man, after nearly 10 years of reading this manga I can’t believe this is finally coming towards a conclusion. Even with the funny gag with Hata using anime theme songs as the final arc’s chapter’s sub-title making me listen to said song in the chapter; there’s this disconnect within me with the manga in these past several months where I refuse to acknowledge this is fast approaching the end and I just feel apathy to everything and shrug it all off to cope. I guess with the latest chapter with the reality-check to Nagi’s misunderstanding it finally sunk in; making me skip through the middle three stages of grief to accept that this is truly the ending the SS. Hayate no Gotoku! is heading towards.

Speaking of skipping things what I found strange was that the manga went through a low-key quick time skip over the manga timeline’s November in the 558th chapter; right after the first incident with Hisui and Himegami fast forwarding over Hayate and Nagi’s birthdays – which was the one thing I was most interested to see how it would be handled (did Nagi get Hayate that watch/wallet!?). Who knows, maybe Hata will go back and cover this gap as extra chapters.

Will this misunderstanding trigger a legitimate romance between the ojou-sama and the butler in-deb- uh I mean ex-butler-in-debt? Will Hata tie up the Royal Garden and the King’s Jewel kerfuffle because I’ve been at a loss for over a year keeping track of who still has one and who doesn’t? Will 2017 be Hina’s year after all?

It’s absolutely surreal that we’re at this point in Hayate no Gotoku!. Six chapters remain (or seven from the perspective of this post), and whatever Hata delivers in this rather long and suffering final arc, the future looks bleak.

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Happy Belated Birthday Hina! (3/3)


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  1. Looks like a pretty good setup from my perspective. It’s hard seeing Nagi go through this, but it sets up for a satisfying finale IMO. As for the King’s Jewels and who has one and who doesn’t, that’s resolved in ch. 562.

    Nagi’s birthday was mentioned in passing in Maria’s farewell chapter. Hayate’s birthday was deliberately skipped as I think the watch that Nagi should have given him will play a role in these last few chapters.

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