Nyarth in Japan – Day 6 – Comiket 90 Day 2

13th August 2016.

The second day of the 90th Comic Market!

I recommend you have a read through of my first post covering the first day of Natsucomi where I make the formal introductions explanations of Comiket before divulging into this entry so it makes a bit of sense. The second day Comiket was focused around game-related doujinshi meaning your Kancolles and Touhous were the headlining fields of interest in the comics market. Not just doujinshi but plenty of doujinsoft (self made software of sorts) circles were present selling their freshly developed video games with some even donning laptops running the game for people to try out and play!

It was just a buzzing and brilliant atmosphere walking down the countless doujin aisles whilst taking in your surroundings – the human side to Comiket seeing attendees casually conversing with the people behind the tables is something that you can only ever experience in person. Anime works such as Magic of Stella, Saekano and, I guess Welcome to the NHK covers the culture of doujinsoft creation if you want some rounding insight into this whole business.

One interesting note on the second day as we arrived at the Tokyo Big Sight around 11 am, we noticed loads of people battling the wave and walking out of the giant exhibition center – most likely going home. It made me think to realise that to many Japanese people Comiket is more of just a biyearly marketplace where you pick up your planed doujin sundries and immediately go home in record time. I’m more of a person who doesn’t like to miss out and prefers to stay at an event until the very end while I guess others appear from their best interests and leave when once their objectives are fulfilled – that or they don’t care about anything else happening, they’re legit shut-ins but made Comiket an exception or didn’t want to bother dealing with the over-crowding at peak hours.

While BL doujins got entirely switched out with video game-related doujinshi in the east halls the industry zone on the west side remains on the second day though it did felt like some booths were gone and new booths appeared and took their place walked around, though maybe it’s just me because I haven’t heard of any announcements in the Comiket guide mentioning any changes.

Out of the three days, the second day was the uneventful day – not that it was a bad thing because this made it the most relaxing day just to chill and enjoy the atmosphere compared to the first day and what was about to come on the third and final day planning and ironing things out. We wandered around Comiket for the day at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba and when it finished in the earl evening we roamed around Shimbashi and Shiodome where we had met up with Otamega in the morning. We came back to our Airbnb early around 9pm (not before a quick trip to the supermarket) so that we could watch the then latest Love Live! Sunshine!! episode on Tokyo MX; which was a thing on my bucket list to watch anime live on TV in Japan! Fortunately, no one was around the communal kitchen as we practically occupied the place until 11pm when we hit the hay since we had to wake up at 4am the next morning.

Anyhow on with the photos!

A nutritious breakfast to start the day!

Don’t worry about my scarce breakfast choices I’ve been boasting so far in these posts I’m a guy who can normally skip breakfast and still live.

Passed by a pack of Mario Kart’ers on the way to the Tokyo Big Sight!

Some light digging and I found out a company called MariCar is in charge of this genius recreational go-karting activity.

How to spot a Love Liver.
Back on the doujinshi grind!

Passed by Elizabeth whilst walking to the East halls!

The wide road running in-between the East and West halls of Tokyo Big Sight was constantly occupied by attendees walking across both areas safely thanks to the traffic wardens making way with their trademark glowing batons.

Found a Gochiusa believer.
Photo by Otamega

People recovering discarded cardboard boxes dumped outside to repurpose as shipment packaging for their bulk doujin purchases to be sent home or elsewhere via delivery couriers who were clever enough to be on-location just outside the East halls.

An alternative I see other people doing was bringing along giant luggage and packing the luggage to the brim with doujins and exclusive items from the industry zone and dragging it all back home.

I didn’t intend to but by chance, I passed by LuminoCity’s booth who were selling their then latest Sara doujin from Granblue Fantasy!

While LuminoCity is the circle name, the artist in question is called peko; historically known for illustrating the visuals for the yuri eroge Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o as well as the Mayoi Neko Overrrun! light novel series for some time. Don’t worry guys it’s tagged Safe For Work.

If you don’t know what Granblue Fantasy is, well my friend then I suggest you click here to find out!

How to spot a YuruYuri fan.

Many people wore thin towels and hoodies around Comiket to combat the unforgiving sun. Most of the towels were anime branded unsurprisingly.

Manga Time KIRARA, famous for their wholesome series collection of cute girls doing cute things, seemed to be present in the industry zone on the second day selling some family friendly merch!

I could tell they were one of the popular stands thanks to never ending line for the booth and the amount of people donning the oversized paper carrier bags for the entire day.

Da Capo!
This is a giant wall tapestry of hopes and dreams.

If I had a penny for every time I saw illustrations of cute anime girls in swimsuits at Comiket I’d have sufficient funds to visit Japan every year…

I was given this free piece of hard candy as we exited the industry area from this lovely young Japanese girl in cosplay. I ate it but it sadly didn’t send me to another world…

The outdoor pathway at West Hall which takes you between the upper and lower floors. I believe cars and vehicles would normally run through here.

A view of the East Halls where all the doujinshi are concentrated in.
Snapped this cheeky pic of a pure Reisen dakimakura.
Photo by Otamega

Whenever I walk past someone carrying too many cutely designed carrier bags I get jealous thinking I should get something like that but then again I would have no use for these bags aside from looking at it for a couple of seconds and storing it away in my room at home…

After visiting the comic halls we were back on the cosplay battlefield on the top deck of the West hall!

It’s hard to compare which day had the “better cosplay” due to the sheer amount of cosplayers attending across all three days it all becomes a blur to me if I try to think back and remember.

Here the Comiket staff in the green hat counting down from 10 before the photographers and cosplayer had to disperse to make way for other cosplayers.

Me unapologetically photobombing everyone’s shots.

Plenty of Re:ZERO cosplayers crawling about thanks to the soaring popularity of the anime at the time.

Me and Otamega purposefully photobombing this Rem cosplayer before the Comiket staff told us off for taking pictures outside “the zone” which is bordered with the poles and cones seen above.

Darker than Black!
Uogokoro-kun from Locodol!

Got me some authentic™ shaved ice from the food stands situated around the edges of the cosplay zone towards the end of the event!

Day 2 finito! Hoards of people rushing out the main entrance to Tokyo Big Sight.

Yet again we sat around for bit to avoid the inevitable packed trains, though that could’ve been a fun experience in itself.

Saw this group of lads from above posing for a photo lol
I wonder what was in that bag…
One photographer getting that one last cheeky shoot.

On the Yurikamome line again heading back to Shiodome!

The train seemed to ran slower this time and because I was feeling exhausted I dosed off a few times. According to Otamega a couple of kids standing near the front seats where we sat were laughing at me as I continuously nodded off ;__;

As the train was about to pull a multi-track drift in this photo you can see Tokyo Tower in the distance!

A live event promoting the Japanese CGI film Rudolf the Black Cat was happening near Shiodome Station as we exited so we stuck around a bit to check it out.

Not even in Japan can they escape from Wetherspoons’ wrath.
A street underneath a train bridge full of izakayas and restaurants in Shiodome.

A shady sign…

Shinbashi Square just outside Shinbashi Station.

Came across these family-friendly human centipede statues that you can sit on!

I can’t unsee the black spot on their face looking like a mouth.
Udon noodles at Fuji Soba!

Made a quick trip to the supermarket nearby our Airbnb once we got back and managed to punch through a bunch of people and bag a bunch of discounted bento meals!

That bento was so gooooood!
Chicken croquettes with Japanese mayo are basically the best thing ever.

Fumbling through the TV menus to find the Tokyo MX channel which is one of the first stations to broadcast Love Live! Sunshine!! every Saturday nights at 22:30 pm during the Summer 2016 anime season.


It was super surreal to watch this episode of Love Live! Sunshine!! where Aqours travel to Tokyo and Akihabara for the first time after I just did the exact same thing a couple days ago from this post!

It really threw me off thinking that Akihabara was only 2 miles away from where I was watching this in our Airbnb.

And so my spoils of the day! Picked up for delicious flyers while making a single doujin purchase from LuminoCity. The temptation to blow my wallet dry is real but I resisted.

Trying out the Girls Tribe water I got from their booth at Comiket and yep, that’s mineral water.

Also fun fact; I packed this empty water bottle with the odd water droplet or two as carry-on luggage and went through security with no hitches!

Tune in next time when I go drowning in otaku sweat and join in a perverted photo session in my third and final day at Comiket!