Nyarth in Japan – Day 8 – Tokyo Station and Accel World Movie

15th August 2016.

Destroyed from the crazy Comiket weekend as well as the accumulating fatigue throughout the week on top we decided sleep in called it a rest day. This day marked the end of our first full week in Japan and marking the start our second. This was also the chance to spend the morning figuring out how to use the coin operated washing machine in the communal kitchen as our worn clothes were piling up (also my first time using a top-loading washing machine!).

Authentic Japanese mayo and bread to start the day.
The housekeeper didn’t like the bottle of coffee and was kind enough to give it to me!
Enjoying some discounted bento I got from the supermarket the day before. You normally microwave it first but I like to eat it cold.
The residential view outside our apartment window which was becoming strangely familiar.
The residential view outside our other window. The construction next door seems to be progressing well.

One thing me and Joe wanted to do on this trip was to watch the Accel World Infinite Burst movie in a cinema. Because it already came out for a while before we arrived to the country the film was on its last legs in terms of screenings. We managed to find the TOHO Cinema in Nihonbashi (near Tokyo Station) was one of the last remaining few showing it and so in the evening we headed off to Tokyo Station.

I was deciding whether or not to make a post for this day since nothing particular happened throughout the day but I did manage to take some nice night shots around Tokyo Station before we went to go watch the movie in the evening so that suffices I guess.

We had plenty of time to kill before the film started around 9pm so this was a good time to cover some territory and explore the bustling area around Tokyo Station – the figurehead hub connecting Tokyo to the rest of the country.

I always love the idea of walking around lively cities at night and Tokyo was no exception; taking in your surroundings and seeing all the tall buildings lit up all around me in the night sky always evokes this feel-good feeling inside me and is something I’ll never get tired of.

This was a good opportunity to muck around with my camera’s manual settings to get some nice night shots!

We took refuge at a nearby Matsuya for an excellent and economical dinner. I remember feeling really hungry at the time so I thought ordering a large plate of curry rice (by Japan’s sizing standards) wasn’t going to be enough, so I also ordered a small gyuudon bowl to go along. The subtle glares from the workers and the people sitting near me was real after realising the grave mistake I’d just made. I managed to persevere by the end of it though I walked out with an intense food coma…

We walked off our dinner exploring the maze-like innards of Tokyo Station before we realised we should make a move on to the cinema.

Came across this bridalwear shop which still had its fancy light on!
Saw this luxury fruits shop with the legendary square and triangle watermelons on display by the window!

Walked past this fancy suits store, sadly no Jojo poses.

And we’re here! The Toho cinema was on the top floors of this shopping complex.

Movies currently showing at the time. They had a good mix of domestic films and western films on offer! The backup plan if we couldn’t see Accel World at the time was to see Finding Dory.

Buying movie tickets here is virtually the same back home. Machines and automation is taking over the world after all so it was just a few on-screen button presses and money insertion away to claim your tickets. I had a bit of trouble at the start because all the button text was in Japanese before these girls next to us kindly offered to help. I didn’t realise till after the fact they had just spoke straight up English to me…

There were discounted ticket pricing for students so we gambled our English university IDs would pass, turns out the staff didn’t bother asking at the door. Movie ticket prices here seems to be more or less the same price as in England.

Outside the screening room for Accel World Infinite Burst!
They had the movie poster outside the door to let you be sure what you’re gonna walk into.

We were given these mystery envelopes as we walked inside the screen room to see the movie. Turns out they’re A5 mini clear files with Accel World illustrations you’d find in magazines like Megami or NyanType.

Pillaged the movie flyer area in Toho Cinema which had a entire wall with shelves of movie flyers for current and upcoming movies. Being the great collector I am to took 4 copies of each.

To round off this post a quick Accel World Infinite Burst review; it’s shit. I remember the disappointing feeling as we walked out the screen realising we’d just watched an 80-minute cash-grab that didn’t need to be a movie and then quickly running for our train back because the trains were about to close up. The movie was a 50/50 split between a recap clip show in the first half and the actual film content in the latter half which felt more like a two-episode OVA than a movie as the production quality was virtually the same as its first TV season. Nevertheless, it’s more Accel World which is a rarity nowadays so I kinda forgive it. Season 2 when ;_;


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