Nyarth Goes Here has one purpose, and one purpose only; to produce the world’s finest anime blogging content- one shitpost at a time.

This blog was created on 25th April 2009 out of the boredom of an under-aged kid on the internet who loved lurking and spamming anime forums and watching anime and needed somewhere to vent his emerging anime opinions. This blog primarily focuses on anything anime/manga/otaku related, including editorials, episodics, biased reviews and so on.

Nyarth has been my online pseudonym ever since I debuted on the internet. It is inspired from the Japanese name of my all-time favourite Pokémon Meowth. If you see the username Nyarth online 99% of the time it will be me.


  • Everything I write on this blog is purely original, unless stated as a quote and credited from a third-party source.
  • All expressions I make on this blog are purely of my own subjective (and sometimes objective) opinions, hey, it’s a anime blog. Only an idiot would take anything written here as fact.
  • All images and screenshots featured belong to their rightful owners, they are used solely for the freedom of the anime-blogging press. I don’t claim credit for any images used unless stated otherwise.
Last Updated: 16th December 2016