MCM London Comic Con October 2014


Don’t worry guys, I’m not dead.

I’ve been going to anime conventions for quite some time now, but it’s hard to believe that I have been attending for over six years, and it’s been a while ago since my last blog post about it. I’ve gotta say from experience times have changed. Back then used to attend with my sister just so that I could get hold of all the anime and manga goods I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise because I was too underaged for online shopping. Now that I have a debit card and an income I only really go just to score some sweet deals and meet people I’ve spoken to on Twitter (or as I would like to call it Anitwitter). This time around I got to use my new Nikon D3300 DSLR camera I finally bought early this year; finally graduating from the casual-tier point and shoots I’ve been using this whole time.

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London MCM Expo May 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week, been quite busy both irl and on the net due to exams, schoolwork and wot not… But yeah if you’ve not already been aware of I went to the London MCM Expo last Saturday. And yes, this post is a day late since I slept in yesterday until 2pm or so in the evening after a busy and hectic day in London in Satuday (would explain what happened before and after the expo but imma too lazy and not feeling over 9000 motivated like I use to).

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London MCM Expo October 2009

The reason I’m a few days late of posting this well… post, is because the day after the expo I had to go some place else for the day, delaying this post (-_-‘). But well, here it is! What pretty much happened at the 16th bi-annual London MCM Expo! What an awesome day it was…

Note: I went on Sunday, not Saturday. Suffered severe painful memories when I went on a Saturday…

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London MCM Expo May 2009 Over the Horizon


It seems that “The UK’s Largest Entertainment Show” London MCM Expo is around the corner with just under 2 weeks to go, taking place on May 23rd-24th 2009 at the ExCeL Centre in the Royal Victoria Docks in London. Of course being a sucker I’m likely to attend (if any of you are going you’ll never find me there!!! >:D). Btw as you may witness this is taking place in London in England so to you people overseas aww… Looks like I’ll have to save up money for more Hayate goods =3, and I smell another suuper duuper long blog post coming up…great.

PS. Also take note that this is taking place on the same days that Anime Boston is taking place over in the states.

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