Pokémon Black

Even though I haven’t finished beating the Elite 4 in Platinum and barely even finished HeartGold, today being the release of Pokemon Black and White in the UK/Europe, ie. first western country to get it after Japan :D I thought to savour the moment I might as well get Pokemon Black!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Poke-questing to do…

Updates to my conquest shall be recorded on my Twitter with the hashtag #PokemonBlack. Probably’ll write some king of round-up/review later this week.


If you didn’t know already, lately I’ve been playing the legally free eroge se.kirara.

Must say, even though I know jack about what the hecks going in the game, just simply hitting the auto command and letting the eroge playing by itself (lol) and looking at the pwetty visuals is actually kinda fun (except for the options which I dread that may lead to a bad end or something) while the BGM sounds just like the BGM you’d hear in your animu.

So to establish another econimical low quality post, here’s a few se;ection of screenshots depicting my progress in the game, which some of you may have seen as I was on a spamming spree on my Twitter account several days ago…

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London MCM Expo May 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week, been quite busy both irl and on the net due to exams, schoolwork and wot not… But yeah if you’ve not already been aware of I went to the London MCM Expo last Saturday. And yes, this post is a day late since I slept in yesterday until 2pm or so in the evening after a busy and hectic day in London in Satuday (would explain what happened before and after the expo but imma too lazy and not feeling over 9000 motivated like I use to).

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So I herd that even MOAR Pokémon Black and White Info has been leaked…

It appears that Pokémon Sunday, a obligitory weekly kids live action TV show based around Pokémon that airs on well, Sundays has recently revealed more info about the new fifth generation games, Black and White. Going further in with the starters revealing their names and stats, video demos of what the battle system and visuals will look like and the overall environmental setting, which has been totally revamped as I’ll explain later on.

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