Goodbye, Hayate no Gotoku!

A few weeks ago was the 25th April 2017, marking the 8th anniversary since the birth of this blog delivering the highest quality anime blogging content the internet has ever seen™. Instead of the usual formalities that follow with these sort of posts I’d like to instead dedicate this space to a manga series I have the fondest personal attachment to of all time earning a special little partitioned space in my heart, and that is Hayate the Combat Butler. You’re probably wondering why it took an entire month to publish this post, and that is because (excluding real life duties and the scanlations coming late) I wanted to spend the extra time to self reflect as the conclusion to this rather obscure yet long-running manga is a pretty big deal to me. Get ready for a soppy and nostalgic trip.

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My hot takes on that Stacey Dooley BBC documentary on Japan

I was going to do a tweet-thread about this but then it got really long so I decided to repurpose this into a blog post. The main reason why I’m writing this is because of how the style of the documentary and some of the uninformed backlash from social media just rubbed me the wrong way.

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The Downfall of Nico Nico Dot Com ♪


Sakura-con, one of the US’s major anime conventions, has come and gone for another year this past weekend. Luckily it’ll be returning next year. But this year, Sakura-con lacked something it had for the past two years, which will not likely never ever to return. Something I had always looking forward to since its inception, something which brought a window view of an anime convention to be seen anywhere around the world – given that they have a stable internet connection. I’m talking about Niconico’s Live Streams.

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