Let’s talk about Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 563 and why Hayate no Gotoku! has the deepest lore.



Chapter 563 had recently dropped kicking off the aforementioned final 6-chapter countdown and bloody hell did it kick off in style in the most delightful chapter in recent memory. Hinagiku finally gets the Top 10 Anime Fights treatment she deserves and a nostalgic throwback to Evangelion’s opening theme song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”; a meta-throwback at that as Hina had once performed the song in the 9th volume and in the 2nd season anime; consequently spawning a torrent of Hina/Shizuka Itou singles and albums.

Warning: Spoilers and meta spoilers ahead but then again who else is reading this manga? ;_;

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Hayate no Gotoku! c333

Nagi realises Ruka was just like her, Hina shares her wisdom, Nagi tells Chiharu she wants to be “something special” and suddenly, TWGOK reference.

This Bakuman: The Doujinshi Take-esque story arc Hata implemented to me has gone on irritatedly enough, and finally, the climax appears to be around the corner!

And yes, I’m going to try my witty best and post chapter-sodics of Hayate from now on. BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT.

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