So what have I missed?

Jesus… it’s 32C here, I’m crazily sweating and I’m definitely feeling the sun’s rage. Indeed, Summer is here.

But that’s not the topic I’ll be going over here as there were many tid-bits of anime news goodness while I was away on my exams, so I thought it’d be great if I point out everything in a squeaky clean post!

*wipes sweat off forehead*

I want this.

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Setting new grounds.

Tadaima~ (TN Note: Tadaima means “I’m back!”)

It’s been a while. More or less than a month since I blogged a decent post to this site to concentrate on my final high school exams. Welp, those exams are now -finally- over, I’ve officially completed High School and now I’m BACK kicking in the blogosphere! Insert massive applause if you will…. maybe not.


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Fuck yeah

Derp Update: Uguu, nice one WordPress with their share of April Fooling T_T

Over 3000 fucking views on my blog today, making it the most viewed day EVAR since primeval times! I guess turning my blog into a FOOOOD BLOG really was a great idea!

Also an update: will be posting a entry to express my passionate love for spaghetti tacos that’ll be published tonight! Don’t miss it~!!!

Starting afresh guys!

Witty update: You know this was a witty April Fools prank :PP hope everyone had a good one!!

Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this, but… I finally got tired of anime and all the other malarcky.

It all got too boring you know? Same stupid highschool slice-of-life setting… rehashed fanservice… beach episodes… cultural festivals… walk-ins… courage tests… pure pure boys… dfc…


So I’ve decided this day, today, 1st April 2011, 9:41am, that I am to cut my ties with anime and all my animu fwends and bwuddies and EVERYONE who’s into anime. As I found a whole new hobby that is waaay more exciting than shitty anime.

That hobby is;


Yes that’s right food. Fucking, delicious, sweet and cuddly food. Who can live without it? That soft chewiness in pizza, that taste of excellence in tacos, the malt vinegar tingly feeling in sushi, and who could forget the great full on English breakfast menu filled with mash potatoes, bangers, tomato baked beans and the all lovely coveted… BACOOON!!!!

So yeah, from this day forward I have intentionally stripped myself of foreveralone.jpg status being a animefag and becoming the World’s Greatest IRON CHEF! Just watch you guys, I’ll outpwn that little pussy of Jamie Oliver and that umadbro.jpg kind of guy Gordan Ramsay.

Oh yeah, I’ll also be rehashing over this blog from Nyarth’s Crappy Animu Blog to Nyarth’s Super Duper Happy Fun Time FOOOOD Blog!!

Expect millions and jillions of blogposts about FOOD and the stuff I liek to eat in the next following days.


Nyarth- no, Master Chef Nyarth out!

Japan’s Crisis

As you’ve all probably already heard on Friday 11th March last week, a massive magnitude 8.9 Earthquake struck off the east coast of Japan, as a result a massive devastating tsunami struck Japan taking the lives of thousands of people and totally wiping out several towns and cities nearby, most especially the city of Sendai, on the places near where the tsunami struck.

By now on the net you’ve most likely already came into lots of links to donate to Japan and do our bit as much as possible to help out a happy, friendly and lively country in its time of need. Sadly in my neck of the woods there aren’t that many places to donate money to help in Japan’s crisis (most dominated by Comic Relief .__.) however I will in some shape or form donate my bit of cash in aid to help as much as possible, even if I am currently on a exceedingly low budget. To all my readers too I strongly suggest you donate to help Japan in its time of desperate need. The links in question;

My deepest feelings, heart and condolences to the people of Japan and anyone who has unfortunately been caught up in this devastating disaster and wish you all the best of luck to get out of this safely.

It’s unfortunate to see most of this season’s anime, weekly manga doses and other related goods releases and wotnot to be delayed until further notice. But not much as unfortunate to the people who have been heavily inflicted in this devastating natural disaster. Every morning since I turn on the telly to BBC Breakfast and see the updates of the disaster in Japan. Footage of the tsunami breaking through countless towns and cities like dust being rehashed. Horrific pictures, recordings, interviews of the people that are in need most desperately, and also in depth and close live coverage on NHK World. First the earthquake, then the tsunami, and now the multiple nuclear meltdowns and fears of mass nuclear radiation. It’s almost like as if the people of Japan can’t even get one second of rest. Awful. Just awful to the bitter soul… haven’t they suffered enough shit?

And to all the immature senseless insensitive idiots out there who seem to think it’s really funny or superior to make/profit from offensive and racist comments and jokes, fuck you all. I don’t give a damn shit about how this is ‘karma’ for Pearl Habor, or ‘Divine Retribution’ that Japanese people are being too immoral or selfish or the fact that this proves to the Japanese that God is real. Tens of thousands of people are either missing or even dead and millions more that luckily survived, but are probably mentally scarred from this mess, worrying about the people they care about who are still missing and fearing of what else is to come. And people think it’s plainly right to just throw shameless, insensitive jokes and comments just for laughs?? Just to clarify, payback for Pearl Habor? I swear the American dropped not one, but TWO A-bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII, wasn’t that already payback? And ‘Divine Punishment’ to teach the Japanese a lesson for their wrongdoings? What bullshit faggotory am I reading? This surely doesn’t mean throwing a massive tsunami taking tens of thousands of innocent lives of civilians, who in no way whatsoever have been involved with any affairs that Japan was involved in several decades ago. And if you’ve seen that video on YouTube where this crazed fucked up whore talks about God mumbo jumbo bullshittery and about how Japan deserved it, I’m not gonna even comment on it.

And I’m already sure you guys have seen those screenpics from people of Facebook to celebrities on Twitter take light of this situation, take advantage and make those stupid bullshit jokes and comments just until later to remove them and announce their half-assed apologies just to get them off the hook…? Seriously it’s fuck up people like them that’s wrong with the world… moreover hard to believe people like them even exist. You know who you guys are.

And no I will be not be linking references to said pictures here. It’s not that I’m bothered to in this case but it’s that they’re not worth my time.

Sorry for the sudden serious speech and apologies it offended anyone but I just had to write a little rant to let out a bit of my steam that has been overwhelming inside me these past weeks. Seriously that is unforgivable.

For now, though, let us #prayforjapan, donate to help their aid and hope for the best that Japan can pull itself together to get back on its own feet and return back to the people’s normal daily lives, even if it takes several months or years to come!

Happy Forever Alone Awareness Day!

Hope all you re/a/ders out there had a wonderful (Ronery :_;) Valentines Day yesterday (with your left hand, that is ;__;).

I sure had a great one with my lovely obviously real waifu Charlotte Dunois. We both fatefully met one evening when I watched Infinite Stratos 5 and 6 and there was love at first sight. It was so romantic <3

Anyway, dunno why this is a day late, and expect another update from me this weekend or something. I can't seem to keep track or take my words for anything recently…

And moar selfless advertising; follow my constantly updated Twitter!

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Wishing all fellow azns (and my precious readers!) have a happy and enjoyable Chinese New Year with great prosperity and a healthy soul! Kung hei phat choi san tai geen hawgn~! or so they say in Cantonese…

Being that it’s 2011, by what my planner says is the year of the rabbit, enjoy a delicious mug shot of Mesousa above.

Also (inb4 another meta notice) on a note you may haven’t guessed I’m back on my HP laptop! Yes TechGuys just came over a few hours ago handing over the wretched thing, which now seems strangely fast and fluid and hasn’t screwed up once D:

But sadly school is still hot on my trails and I still have a lot of work to do just before mid February, so I won’t have much anime time as per usual… buut I’ll try to at least finish my dusting Fall ’10 Review/Winter ’11 Impression drafts in the next few weeks.

I solemnly swear….

…for my ’11 New Years Resolution:

  1. Resist procrastinating given course/homework and to complete on date given
  2. To complete watching all the new animu I downloaded left untouched on my hard drive and the growing list on my MAL.
  3. To not fall asleep on my sofa watching late night tv or in front of my laptop.
  4. No Fap 2011. ’nuff said

I believe that sums it up. Spare a few moments and share your resolutions below, if you’re bothered that is…

EDIT: CONSIDER THIS VOID AS I FUCKED UP EVERY SINGLE RESOLUTION. (Who cares anyway it’s not like everyone forgets after a week from New Years >_>)

Happy New Year 2011!!

A year on after the end of the noughties, Happy New Year 2011 everybody! Alas I’ve reached my first full year of blogging on this site, it’s been an interesting experience to say at least.

Over 200 posts poorly written overall, well over 500 comments posted and the daily view count soaring on average from 100 to over 600 in November, to say at least (again) this has been a great achievement for me. As well as for all you anon readers who never comment, I know who you guys are!!

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