We’ll Settle this the Italian Way!

He settles things the easy way. Haha


New Halo Legends Anime Announced


…just read this article

ANN – Halo Legends to be Animated by 5 Japanese Studios

The BONES, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio 4°C, and Toei Animation anime studios are animating Halo Legends, a DVD anthology of seven short films based on Microsoft Studios’ Halo game franchise. Microsoft’s creative staff is approving the visual and storytelling. Two of the creative directors are Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries and Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed). Aramaki’s short will cover the history of the Spartan warrior class from the games. Studio 4°C will animate two 30-minute shorts about “the entire 100,000 year history of the Halo universe.”

Warner Brothers will release the anthology on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and digital distribution in early 2010. A trailer is planned for the Halo panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con International on Thursday, and Xbox 360 users can see a preview this fall on the Xbox Live service.

Source: Los Angeles Times’ blog via IGN

You gotta be shitting me.

Hayate Tops Off Weekly Oricon Charts!


Out of the blue this week, Hayate tops off the Japanese Manga Sales Charts (by Oricon) in 1st place with its recent release of Volume 20, selling over 160,000 copies after the first week. Compared to Cross Game Volume 15 following second, selling around 100,000 copies. But even still I’m quite impressed with the results.

ANN – Japanese Comic Ranking, July 13-July 19

1 – Hayate the Combat Butler #20 (Kenjiro Hata)  160,108 copies

2 – Cross Game #15 (Mitsuru Adachi) 106,240 copies

3 – Fairy Tail #16 (Hiro Mashima) 101,480 copies

4 – Azumanga Daioh 2 Newest Version (Kiyohiko Azuma) 79,812 copies

5 – Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi #34 (Shin Matsuena) 79,759 copies

6 – Zettai Karen Children #17 (Takeshi Shiina) 71,091 copies

7 – Sakura Hima-Kaiden #2 (Arina Tanemura) 58,509 copies

8 – Gakuen Ace #19 (Tachibana Higuchi) 57,917 copies

9 – Kami no Mizu Shiru Sekai #5 (Tamiki Wakiki) 56,837 copies

10 – Angel Heart #30 (Tsukasa Hojou) 54,576 copies (166,415 total copies)

Take that! Bleach and Naruto! Even though non of them are on the charts…

KyoAni Responds to Yamamoto’s Recent Remark to Endless Eight Arc

Me want more Kyonko.

Continuing on from my previous post about the former Kyo-Ani director’s apology of the recent Endless Eight Arc in the new season of Haruhi, the guys at Kyo-Ani made a response to Yamamoto’s regrets in 10 words. (Courtesy of Sankaku Complex and J-Cast)

“This person has absolutely nothing to do with our company.”

I suggest “This person has absolutely nothing to do with our company anymore” would be a better statement since, he did once work for Kyo-Ani as the director of Haruhi, until they abruptly kicked him out of the company that is.

Stating the obvious one might say…

New K-ON! Episode Announced!


Well I’ll be.

ANN – K-ON! Extra Episode Green-Lit for 7th BD/DVD Volume

Final volume to ship on January 20 of next year

The official website for the K-ON! television anime series has announced on Tuesday that production on a new extra episode has been green-lit. The new animation based on kakifly‘s original manga will be included in the seventh volume of the Blu-ray Disc (limited first pressing) and DVD releases. According to online retailers, Pony Canyon will ship the seventh volume on January 20 of next year.

Source: 2channel

Just when I thought the whole K-ON! fad was over, a new episode appears out of the blue. Only the difference is that its coming out next year.

All in favour the extra episode will be a flashback of Mio and Ritsu’s past when the two were friends in grade school, say aye.

Pokémon does it again!


Wow. Just wow.

Kotaku – Pokemon Anime Makes It Into Guinness Record Book

Even before the latest Pocket Monsters movie opened in Japan, it was already a hit — so much so that the anime has earned a place in the Guinness Book.

Pokémon: Arceus To The Conquering of Space-Time is the world record holder for the animated motion picture with the most advance ticket sales. Before it opened in Japan on July 18, the movie had already pre-sold 2,384,198 tickets.

This is the 12th animated feature since the first Pokémon movie, Mewtwo’s Counterattack, hit Japanese theaters in July 1998.

中川翔子、『ポケモン』ギネス記録達成に「ギネ嬉シス!」と大興奮 | エンタテインメント | マイコミジャーナル [MyComJournal]

For those of you who think Pokémon is homosexual and so 1999. Get a life.

Search Criterias of the Week – Shana Wins!


I lol at what people are searching on my blog.

From unfinished search tags to some irrelevant furry findings when I have absolutely no furry material on my blog. (Excluding S&W that is…)

But above all it looks like Shana is the main search item for my blog, even though I can’t clearly remember what I posted, relating to Shana… But nevertheless, its still quiet a surprise for me…

That is all for now.

Former KyoAni Director Yamamoto “Apologises” for the Haruhi 2nd Season Endless Eight Arc

Riiight, so the former director of Haruhi apologises on behalf of Kyo-Ani (at Otakon 2o09) for the recent recycled Endless Eight Arc. Who stated that he knew about this a year ago and didn’t tell the public (via his blog) about it, otherwise he would get into trouble, and also thought it was going to last for 2 episodes, but turning out to be 6 episodes. And lastly on behalf of SOS-Dan Production Committee Former SOS Dan Production Committee, he truly apologises to its fans for the obscene direction the series has taken with the hated Endless Eight arc, calling it “inexcusable”.

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