Ro Kyu Bu 01 – First Impression

Suddenly, summer is here! And with summer, a whole new batch of anime comes rolling out to our computer screens… I think.

Well Ro-Kyu-Bu is on top of the list as the first Summer Anime to be airing, so naturally here’s my first impression.

Lucky bastard.

Notice: Spring Anime Roundup post coming soon…

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Spring Anime 2011 Song Ranking

And you thought I forgot about this…

A late contender because thinking it was some sequel: Steins;Gate with its godly OP wins this season’s top 10 song rankings. Agree? Disagree? Your top 10? Post in comments if you wish… *evil mad scientist laugh*

Fuck you Thomas.

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Happy New Year 2011!!

A year on after the end of the noughties, Happy New Year 2011 everybody! Alas I’ve reached my first full year of blogging on this site, it’s been an interesting experience to say at least.

Over 200 posts poorly written overall, well over 500 comments posted and the daily view count soaring on average from 100 to over 600 in November, to say at least (again) this has been a great achievement for me. As well as for all you anon readers who never comment, I know who you guys are!!

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