Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2011

Here’s some moar Charlotte pics to aid in your fix :3

It’s THAT time of the season again, where I pit out and decide which animu OP/ED is the best of said season. Qualifying songs are obviously ones from anime which have started airing this season, as well as series from last season continuing which have given a refresh on its opening and ending sequence plus OVA series releasing this season too. I-it’s not like I’m making a post full of embedded video links of anime songs from YouTube!

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Fall Anime Songs of 2010

Rather late this season. Usually in the past I would have posted this a month in, but well, real life and time really eats up as you get older eh. Anyway, after much consideration, voting and decision making, I’ve nailed down my top 10 Fall Anime songs this year!

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Spring Anime Songs of 2010

You get the idea. Half way into Spring Anime 2010, I pick out my Top 10 OP/ED sequences- troll YouTube- paste vid embeds here- profit.

This season it concludes that Maid-sama’s marvellous OP/ED is rendered as the best opening and ending sequence of Spring 2010. Props to Saaya Mizuno who sung the OP and Heidi taking care of the ED.

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New Hayate no Gotoku!! OP/ED – KOTOKO Returns!


FOR SURE this time, after reading an entry in the official 2nd Season Hayate blog, the new OP/ED…

“daily-daily Dream!” by KOTOKO

“Karakoi ~Dakara Shoujo wa Koi wo Suru~” by Rie Kugimiya and Ryoko Shiraishi (respectively)

…should be appearing in tomorrow’s episode (Episode 18) if all goes well.

But no information on if the 2nd season will go on for 26 or my expectational 52 episodes…