Are your firmwares ready for Autumn 2011?

Mines sure is, except for Boku wa Tomodachi. I will never be ready for that… Sob sob.


C80 Anime Trailers Roundup

In 10 years time we’ll be seeing C100, and what a marvellous sight that will be. But anyways as you may guess already the 80th bi-annual Comic Market at the coveted Tokyo Big Sight kicked off this weekend in Japan, bringing with its obligatory new supply of fresh doujinshi, animu, mango, figures, merchandise, breathtaking cosplay and everything else inbetween the madness. It truly is the idyllic haven for all otaku bros everywhere.



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Final Impressions of Fall Anime 2010


Not even gonna bother even further with this. Originally written last year December but left unfinished due to lack of motivation, but I thought it’d be a waste if I trashed it since it took quite a while to build. So I thought of polishing this a bit and place my final thoughts on some of the anime shown during Fall 2010 that I’ve watched and have it done and dusted. Sorry for the fact that it took 2 months THIS long to publish but making posts like this really sucks ther motivation out of my cranium. I’ll try to do something more interesting, brief and quicker to write next season (in real-time, next month D:).

And so, my final impressions of Fall Anime 2010!

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Fall Anime Songs of 2009

Eight to nine weeks has passed since the very beginning of the Fall Anime season 2009, meaning the season is already at its climax. Now it’s only a matter of time before the much lacking Winter Anime 2009/10 kick starts. So what better to do much so as I did last Spring and Summer to carefully pick, discard and rank my Top 10 Fall Anime Songs of 2009!

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Fall Anime 2009 REDUX!!

It’s October 1st.

Even though the 2nd version was released by Chartfag awhile ago (click anywhere on the image to view in full), the Fall Anime Line Up has officially started! With a few new anime series/sequels already aired its first episode -looks at Queens Blade- And if you were disappointed by the previous Summer Line Up, then this season will surely please you.

Many sequels are returning from the Spring Anime Line Up if you remember 6 months back, including Asura Cryin’, Natsu no Arashi and Queens Blade. As well as long awaited sequels and continuations such as Book of Bantorra, Nogizaka Haruka, Koihime Musou and Darker Than Black. Then comes the highly anticipated Anime Series of the season, featuring the return of Inuyasha, adapting the very last 21 volumes from the manga, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (ie. A Certain Scientific Railgun), Fairy Tail, Trapeze, Letter Bee and most importantly Shakugan no Shana (FUK YEAHHHH).

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Fall Anime 2009

The first version of the showcasing of the Fall/Autumn Anime Season of 2009 came out recently by Chartfag, and at first glance, I could already see my top interests.

  1. A Certain Scientific Rail Gun (I expect more Index)
  2. Seitokai no Ichizon
  3. Fairy Tail

To view the visual poster in full, just click anywhere on the image.

Also the second season sequels originating from the Spring Season this year is back, including Asura Cryin’, Natsu no Arashi and the infamous Queens Blade (hopefully this time Reina will fall off an incoming cliff and die peacefully.)

The main attraction of the season everyone is talking about, ever since a confirmation a few weeks back, is the return of InuYasha, adapting the final 21 volumes in the InuYasha Manga series.

But this is just the first version, as there’ll be many more versions (Including OVAs, more detailed info, release dates ect.) coming out in the forthcoming months so stay tuned for more updates concerning the Fall/Autumn Season.

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