Let’s talk about Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 563 and why Hayate no Gotoku! has the deepest lore.



Chapter 563 had recently dropped kicking off the aforementioned final 6-chapter countdown and bloody hell did it kick off in style in the most delightful chapter in recent memory. Hinagiku finally gets the Top 10 Anime Fights treatment she deserves and a nostalgic throwback to Evangelion’s opening theme song “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”; a meta-throwback at that as Hina had once performed the song in the 9th volume and in the 2nd season anime; consequently spawning a torrent of Hina/Shizuka Itou singles and albums.

Warning: Spoilers and meta spoilers ahead but then again who else is reading this manga? ;_;

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Happy Birthday Hinagiku-sama!

(((Just escaping from doing my Literature R+J Essay which is due in tomorrow to write this, ha!!)))

It is March 3rd. And if you’re a Hayate-fag like me, then you would’ve realised that today is our favourite (be default) Hero-san’s XXth birthday! Oh and, Hinamatsuri kicks off too.

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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 230 – Why Yukiji Rules

Gitah made an appearance.

In the most recent chapter of Hayate (230) scanlated by a group known as yoniekai, who mainly scanlates Eyeshield 21 Chapters 245-276 back in 2007 and seems to be more active recently after not releasing anything for 7 months. It looks like its heading off from the main plot (Hayate, Maria and Nagi off for Golden Week at Mykonos Island) to some sub-plots/fillers. In which this its Kaoru and Yukiji in Italy for the weeks vacation. (Kaoru X Yukiji chapter to sum it up.)

Warning: Contains spoilers.

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I Rage.

Damn hay fever. Non-stop sneezing all day today at school…

I need to sleep more.

Oh and Hayate S2 Episode 12 is the BEST EVUR! Hina singing Eva’s OP for a full 1 minutes and 30 seconds, nicely done JC Staff.

Hayate no Gotoku!! 11 – Hermione Appears!

For this weeks episode (or last weeks…lol) I’ll just be cutting out the summary, since I’m guessing you all know what happened and it’s almost been a week since it aired and I was too lazy to post this around the time frame, so instead I’m going on exposing about the sudden changes the producers and directors made for this episode and cut out some of the rambling I do and the screen shots so that your Internet browser will load faster and the chances lowering of it crashing. Click the jump button to read on. Or if you’re already on the page, read on.

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With the planned official release of the ED of the 2nd season of butler in-debt anime Hayate on June 10 this week, there seems to be retailers in Japan and online that is selling the album a few days earlier than the official release (I only found out about this yesterday), most likely either leaked/pre-order or some random illegal way I presume. Then just under a few hours the album made its way on to the Internet and is then putted up for download! (Use your instincts to find it, I’m not going to show links to download the song here due to obvious reasons.) So then I began to lurk various areas on the internet as an excuse to not do my homework (like now as I’m writing this) and hey presto I discovered lots of videos of the full ED on YouTube with an average of 400 views and a few ratings shooting up in just under a few hours!

Just to be original here’s the PV of the ED which made of win, starring non other than the ever-loving  Hinagiku and her only! Which is kind of a surprise really;

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