Onidere Now Official Yuri Manga


A MILF and a loli eh? Nice combo. Scratch that, WURST PAIRING TOGETHER SINCE LOLIS AND FURRYS.


Onidere Chapters 54-57 – Momo’s Betrayal Arc

Sorry this took so long. It was hidden deep in my post archives list and I totally forgot all about it. So to make it up, here’s a compilation of Chapters 54 to 57. I’ll cover Chapters 58 and above later =P

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Onidere Chapter 49 – Tadashi’s Parents… Part 2

Pulling a TWGOK?
Pulling a TWGOK?

Just as I expected (Or not really…) this really is a 2-part story arc where Saya (and Mitsuki) visits Tadashi’s home. While Mitsuki is in the kitchen, trying to become part of Tadashi’s family, Saya is upstairs in Tadashi’s room in an upbeat, finally being able to enter the former-forbidden zone.

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Onidere Chapter 38 – Yumi VS Tomeo (Part 1)

I knew this was going to happen...

After a battle of Bentos, guess what’s next? The battle for the Student Council President. Well more like an Election but you know what I mean…

As a revenge for being found out that he was a guy cross-dressing freak by Tomoe, Yumi takes advantages of the guys fallen for her him and uses them to be his supporters for him to become President. Even though the elections for one is months away. As Tadashi finds out about this, he tells Yumi to stop and think how Tomoe will react to this…

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Onidere Chapter 36 – The Life and Times of Yumi and Yuna

Welcome to reality.
Welcome to reality.

Kenji got what was coming for him. But it sucks to find out the person you’re marrying has a penis eh?

Basically put, this chapter reveals some background of Yuna and Yumi, that they’re actually siblings originating from Hiroshima. And it seems that Yumi is a lot stronger than Yuna (Hence, the reason why Yuna instantly wanted to be Saya’s “student” after witnessing her true strength on the entrance ceremony…). Besides the personal problems it also looks like that Yuna is trying to inherit her family’s dojo back in Hiroshima, but at the moment is unable to so, due to her lack of strength to stand up against Yumi’s, on par with Saya’s.

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