Pandora Hearts Omake 07 – The Life Times of The Holy Knight

The seventh instalment of the fun-sized omake series that is, Pandora Hearts comes by full swing. This time, with Elliot and Leo introducing to us all and giving their gratitude for “us purchasing the seventh DVD volume of Pandora Hearts”… But anyhow, this omake typically consists of a short brief summary of the story of The Holy Knight (the fictional series of novels introduced half way into the series where Oz was spoiled by Elliot not knowing that Edward DIES in the end, if The Holy Knight doesn’t ring a bell to you…), presented in a fun entertaining picture story slide show with miniature Elliot and Oz puppets in mind for the younger audience watching.

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Pandora Hearts Omake 06 – Kicking the Habit

The sixth DVD instalment of Pandora Hearts recently came out in Japan. Meaning another omake comes by full swing. This time (actually worthwhile to watch) the omake is focusing on about how Gil started smoking fags. Which the main catalyst for Gil’s addiction is simply due to his ionisation for Oz’s uncle, Oscar, and Break teasing Gil back when he was only 18 that he was missing something that would complete his frontal spitting image of Oz’s uncle (that is, cigarettes and a beard). Sadly, Gilbert decided not to grow a beard…

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Doki Doki Pandora Academy Omake 05

A continuation from the previous Omake, the Pandora Academy omakey thing arc returns this time as they all go over the photos taken from a recent Summer vacation beach trip the went to. Of course, the rabbit, Sharron and Echo are present flashing their plain but strangely appealing mizugis representing the fairly lacking female heroines in Pandora Hearts, and not forgetting Gilbert having seemingly a weird fetish.

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Maidora Hearts Omake 01

Alice in maid uniform is the best...

This O-h Ma-h Ke-h (omake =P) had virtually no meaning other than thanking the viewers in buying the first DVD Volume of Pandora Hearts. Which made me felt guilty since I didn’t buy the DVD…hehe

This special… omake… a-note… whatever you would call it was basically consisting of a thank you message from Oz in a fourth wall format (you’ll see below.), then a weird (Gil cross dressing?) mystery detective short in who killed… injured or abused- well I dunno what happened -_-

Alice, with Break suspecting Gil as the culprit with his fear of cats, after running away from one and bumping into Alice, and thereby killing her… and a preview in the next DVD volume. Where it seems that Break and Sharron will take over the Omake instead of Oz.

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New Pandora Hearts Ending Sequence






Following on from my previous new ED comparisons, the 14th episode of Pandora Hearts is greeted with a new ending (as shown above), oh and a new song, with the name and the artist yet to be confirmed. Marking the viewers that Pandora Hearts is at it’s half way point!

In my opinion the first ending was my favourite, as I clearly stated in my previous post, but this one is also as awesome as the last (Yeah, I’m bad at determine which good is good and which is bad =P)

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