Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2011

Here’s some moar Charlotte pics to aid in your fix :3

It’s THAT time of the season again, where I pit out and decide which animu OP/ED is the best of said season. Qualifying songs are obviously ones from anime which have started airing this season, as well as series from last season continuing which have given a refresh on its opening and ending sequence plus OVA series releasing this season too. I-it’s not like I’m making a post full of embedded video links of anime songs from YouTube!

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Anime of 2010

K-ON!! number 1 in my top 10? :0

Update: Repost! Updated grammar and wotnot, enjoy!

From god tier series like Angel Beats and SYD, to downright shit tier from the likes of Chuu Bra and House of Boku. Despite the circumstances of the industry and wotnot, 2010 has been a rather good year of anime safely tucked into its ever-growing catalogue. And so, like other animu blogs have done, I’ve narrowed down all my top considered favourite series of this year right down to my final top 10.

Click the jump to see who made it into my top 10 anime of 2010. 10.

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Spring Anime Songs of 2010

You get the idea. Half way into Spring Anime 2010, I pick out my Top 10 OP/ED sequences- troll YouTube- paste vid embeds here- profit.

This season it concludes that Maid-sama’s marvellous OP/ED is rendered as the best opening and ending sequence of Spring 2010. Props to Saaya Mizuno who sung the OP and Heidi taking care of the ED.

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2009/10

Well, it’s that time of the season again, where I sort out and judge my top 10 anime OP/EDs of a particular season that nobody even cares about. This time around, it’s Winter season of 2009/10, and being truthful here there wasn’t much significant songs that I “like-liked” compared to previous times. Sure in my earlier post I said that I really liked Sora no Woto’s OP, but a few weeks past the song seems to have deteriorated for me… But here you go, Nyarth’s Top 10 Winter Anime Songs of 2009/10.

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Fall Anime Songs of 2009

Eight to nine weeks has passed since the very beginning of the Fall Anime season 2009, meaning the season is already at its climax. Now it’s only a matter of time before the much lacking Winter Anime 2009/10 kick starts. So what better to do much so as I did last Spring and Summer to carefully pick, discard and rank my Top 10 Fall Anime Songs of 2009!

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Hayate Tops Off Weekly Oricon Charts!


Out of the blue this week, Hayate tops off the Japanese Manga Sales Charts (by Oricon) in 1st place with its recent release of Volume 20, selling over 160,000 copies after the first week. Compared to Cross Game Volume 15 following second, selling around 100,000 copies. But even still I’m quite impressed with the results.

ANN – Japanese Comic Ranking, July 13-July 19

1 – Hayate the Combat Butler #20 (Kenjiro Hata)  160,108 copies

2 – Cross Game #15 (Mitsuru Adachi) 106,240 copies

3 – Fairy Tail #16 (Hiro Mashima) 101,480 copies

4 – Azumanga Daioh 2 Newest Version (Kiyohiko Azuma) 79,812 copies

5 – Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi #34 (Shin Matsuena) 79,759 copies

6 – Zettai Karen Children #17 (Takeshi Shiina) 71,091 copies

7 – Sakura Hima-Kaiden #2 (Arina Tanemura) 58,509 copies

8 – Gakuen Ace #19 (Tachibana Higuchi) 57,917 copies

9 – Kami no Mizu Shiru Sekai #5 (Tamiki Wakiki) 56,837 copies

10 – Angel Heart #30 (Tsukasa Hojou) 54,576 copies (166,415 total copies)

Take that! Bleach and Naruto! Even though non of them are on the charts…

Search Criterias of the Week – Shana Wins!


I lol at what people are searching on my blog.

From unfinished search tags to some irrelevant furry findings when I have absolutely no furry material on my blog. (Excluding S&W that is…)

But above all it looks like Shana is the main search item for my blog, even though I can’t clearly remember what I posted, relating to Shana… But nevertheless, its still quiet a surprise for me…

That is all for now.