Nyarth in Japan – Day 7 – Comiket 90 Day 3

14th August 2016.

If I were to encapsulate every little detail of what makes Comiket Comiket, the third and final day alone would be able to flawlessly do just that. A haven of hentai pornography, a congregation of borderline erotic cosplays and an endless sea of predominantly male photographers; armed with the most sophisticated handheld DSLR camera set-ups you’ll ever witness. The conclusion of the 90th Summer Comic Market had everything I had ever wanted out of this wonderful event.

Warning: This post contains some NSFW photos.

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 6 – Comiket 90 Day 2

13th August 2016.

The second day of the 90th Comic Market!

I recommend you have a read through of my first post covering the first day of Natsucomi where I make the formal introductions explanations of Comiket before divulging into this entry so it makes a bit of sense. The second day Comiket was focused around game-related doujinshi meaning your Kancolles and Touhous were the headlining fields of interest in the comics market. Not just doujinshi but plenty of doujinsoft (self made software of sorts) circles were present selling their freshly developed video games with some even donning laptops running the game for people to try out and play!

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 5 – Comiket 90 Day 1

12th August, 2016.

The time had come, and so did I.

The 90th Comic Market – better known as Comiket or specifically for Summer Natsucomi – probably needs no explaining for avid anime and manga fans as being the world’s biggest doujinshi event where independent creatives sell their self-published works. An event where everyone is championed from high-profile doujin creators hitting it big by selling out all their stock in a matter of minutes to the smaller creators who will weep for joy if they have at least just one of their copies sold. A stepping stone for some hoping to gain recognition. A lifetime hobby for others practicing what they love. A treacherous battle royale for everyone else as they fight to plunder the exclusive limited print runs of doujinshi from their favourite circles and artists that may or may not be safe for work. Comiket is an otherworldly celebration for the power of manga free from the creative constraints from corporations and committees – an event that can only ever happen in Japan.

Warning: This post contains some NSFW photos.

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 3 – Shibuya and Harajuku and Granblue Fantasy


Hungover from all the high quality anime we injected into our bloodstreams previously in Akihabara, we spent the third day (10th August 2016) in the normie and cool ward of Shibuya – known for its high fashion scene. It was also the day where I met up with my buddy Otamega who I’ve known on the interwebs for a long time and was cool enough to give us a mini tour around Shibuya!

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 2 – Akihabara

Day 2 – our first full day in Japan!

What other way to celebrate this momentous occasion on our first full 24 hours than to visit the Disneyland of Anime; Akihabara! (‘Akiba’ will be used from here on because typing out the long name is a pain).

Akiba was exactly what I had imagined it after seeing it depicted in countless anime and manga for 10+ years as well as seeing snippets of real Akiba from live footage from news and travel videos. Akiba was one of the most fascinating places to visit out of my time in Japan.

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 0/1 – Travelling to Japan

It was towards the end of the Summer of 2016. I began drafting this post on the flight back home from Narita until I felt queasy after the plane reached its highest altitude, stopped and passed out in my cramped economy seat with my backpack full of fresh second hand manga volumes of Nisekoi and Hayate no Gotoku! Japanese snacks eating up my leg space. It wasn’t only because of the air sickness which put me off from writing, but it was also because I just couldn’t find the right words to summarise and describe my incredible experience – oh wait, I think I just did it…

On the 7th of August, 2016, I took the plunge to do the thing every anime and manga and Japanese culture fan would always ever dream of; traveling to Japan.

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Nyarth at Tokyo Day 2009

Here are some pics I took at some exhibition in London about Japanese culture, anime, manga, cosplay, technology and the like almost being a year ago when it actually happened (January 31st. A year late post imo). You may have seen these pics in a forum thread over at FoOlRulez, where I posted them for the first time… But sadly the forum thread has technically died due to the developing ages. But, as I have nothing to do at the moment than to wait for my animu downloads to finish, here are the resurrected pics from that day almost a year ago presented in this scrolling intensive gallery!

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