So what have I missed?

Jesus… it’s 32C here, I’m crazily sweating and I’m definitely feeling the sun’s rage. Indeed, Summer is here.

But that’s not the topic I’ll be going over here as there were many tid-bits of anime news goodness while I was away on my exams, so I thought it’d be great if I point out everything in a squeaky clean post!

*wipes sweat off forehead*

I want this.

Hayate no Gotoku Movie!

If you’re a Hayate-fag like me then you probably have guessed now that a movie is officially in order! Confirmed to be out in selected Japanese theatres this August 27th. During my time off a teaser had been released on its promotional site along with Negima’s movie too, yet again showing off Sunday’s and Magazine’s bro-force and putting their differences aside.

The movie will be produced by Manglobe and directed by Hideto Komori, and as you all may have known he’s been part of many anime projects listed here, however it seems that this will his first time in charge of directing a movie.

At first I was quite relieved over the fact that Manglobe is in charge and NOT, JC STAFF (after the disappointing 2nd Season), but was as well slightly disappointed that SynergySP didn’t make a comeback after animating the godly first season many years ago. The art, of the movie is rather questionable this time as I had this sour taste of feeling when I caught a glimpse of its teaser poster;

(Can be found here.)

Not criticising over just a simple teaser, but I don’t really like the art going on. Hopefully this is just a work in progress but I expected something better out of Manglobe. They’ve produced wonderful series over the years, but then started to slip I think when it came to TWGOK, for example the animation was sort of fugly at times and the frame rate seemingly sluggish. Hopefully for Hayate this could be fixed (since this is a movie) and Manglobe can shine once again like with this season’s series Deadman Wonderland (the first ep’s animation was gorgeous!).

Quick trivia: notice how Hata-sensei has changed the English font in the logo?

Hayate no Gotoku! THE DRAMA.

This became too long for this type of post, so I pasted it all to its own post here. But yeah Hayate live action…..

Korean Zombie Desk Car Second Season!

Yes, briefly announcing a second season of our favourite living Zombie and Masou Shoujo Loli and Necromancer and Milf has been confirmed. No specific season is confirmed to be aired in so expect it to be either this Fall or Winter next year…

Sora no Otoshimono Movie!

More teasers and previews and wotnot has been released while I was gone regarding the SoraOto movie starring Hiyori’s beloved Arc, while as well announcing an exact date of the movie to be released that is; June 25th.


Dat English dub narrator…

Anyway, because my attention span is depleting…

Saki Season 2 announced!

Yaay more mahjong action that I really don’t understand!!!

.hack//Quantum Complete!

Finished the OVA, ending quite questionable. Might do a series review sometime soon…

Ore no Imouto True End Complete!

FUCK YEAH KURONEKO END! Right? Well I’m gonna do a series review of that soon too.

Kannagi is back!


Yep Eri-sensei appears to be back in tip top shape after leaving for an illness for a few years now so expect her manga to resume on July 27th, my birthday coincidentally ^o^

Ano Hana Explained

For those of you who’re not only B’AWWWW’d over the epic end in AnoHana but also confused, MoshiBurner of UTW had posted an interesting article about the little tidbits surrounding the series. Warning that the post reeks of spoilers so read your own risk, even if you finished watching the series like I have…

And that’s it! If you excuse me I’ll be off preordering my Dyson fan… (not)

2 thoughts on “So what have I missed?

  1. fabricerequin June 27, 2011 / 16:13

    I had the same thought with the preview anime of hayate the movie, hopefully they will better it up. Im glad saki is getting a second season =)

  2. tsurugiarashix June 28, 2011 / 01:30

    Good things all around. I am also happy about the return of Kannagi, however she will only be releasing three chapters and then the rest will be irregular dependent on her health. Although I can only hope. Looking forward to mostly everything….

    btw: happy early birthday, lol.

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