Spring Anime 2013 First Impressions

spring anime 2013

To think we’re already a quarter way in to 2013. Even though the weather still reminds me of Winter, it’s actually several days into April. And everyone knows that when it comes to April; it’s Spring. And everyone knows that when it comes to a new season, a new flock of anime hits the Japanese broadcasting airwaves.

Anyhow this obligatory post will have me revealing my shitty tastes by giving my first biased impressions on each of them just by staring at a bunch of new anime shows on a chart made by @cowboybibimbop. Let the fun begin.

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Nyarth’s Top 10 Anime Song of Winter 2013

nyarths top 10 anime song of 2013

Now I’ve been listening to a lot of Love Live songs for the past few months, so I haven’t been paying much attention to the OP/EDs this season, if anything Love Live would dominate my entire list hahaha… Sadly they aren’t the right type of anisongs to qualify.

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