Nyarth in Japan – Day 3 – Shibuya and Harajuku and Granblue Fantasy


Hungover from all the high quality anime we injected into our bloodstreams previously in Akihabara, we spent the third day (10th August 2016) in the normie and cool ward of Shibuya – known for its high fashion scene. It was also the day where I met up with my buddy Otamega who I’ve known on the interwebs for a long time and was cool enough to give us a mini tour around Shibuya!

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 2 – Akihabara


Day 2 – our first full day in Japan!

What other way to celebrate this momentous occasion on our first full 24 hours than to visit the Disneyland of Anime; Akihabara! (‘Akiba’ will be used from here on because typing out the long name is a pain).

Akiba was exactly what I had imagined it after seeing it depicted in countless anime and manga for 10+ years as well as seeing snippets of real Akiba from live footage from news and travel videos. Akiba was one of the most fascinating places to visit out of my time in Japan.

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Nyarth in Japan – Day 0/1


It was towards the end of the Summer of 2016. I began drafting this post on the flight back home from Narita until I felt queasy after the plane reached its highest altitude, stopped and passed out in my cramped economy seat with my backpack full of fresh second hand manga volumes of Nisekoi and Hayate no Gotoku! Japanese snacks eating up my leg space. It wasn’t only because of the air sickness which put me off from writing, but it was also because I just couldn’t find the right words to summarise and describe my incredible experience – oh wait, I think I just did it…

On the 7th of August, 2016, I took the plunge to do the thing every anime and manga and Japanese culture fan would always ever dream of; traveling to Japan.

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Nyarth in Vietnam 2010

Two months ago, as you may have heard I visited back to my co-native land, Vietnam, since my last visit 12 years ago, and I was rather surprised to see how much it had changed. Other than the fact that I realised that Vietnam was communist country and communist flags, banners and billboards were everywhere, I had a wonderful time visiting the weird and wonderful ventures of the country. And compared to my previous first-time visit to HK where me and my family were pretty much lonely joes with no proper tour guide, in Vietnam was a lot more welcomed as it was a bit more personal as most of my cousins and relatives live there. I also meet a lot of relatives I never even knew existed!

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Nyarth in Hong Kong 2010 – Day 0/1

I finally posted it.

Please note that this is my first travel/overseas post and while having viewed and read a few blogs which frequently consist about them (DannychooFabriceNecro’s…etc), I seem to have a little experience with them. And also I’m splitting my posts into days due to the large batches of photos I want to show. I tried abridging them but I did the best I could, and got it down from an average of 237 per day to around 100. I’ll post the ones I left out I deemed unimportant some place else in the near future.

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