Four Years of Animé Blogging and Beyond

nyarth is back

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It’s quite difficult to fathom that I’ve been blogging (in some shape or form) for four years today (25/04/2013). Even though I cringe every time I look back at my old posts and the desire of wanting to wipe these posts off the face of the internet, I choose not to; because they are the shitty and delusional and emoticon-ridden posts that bought me to where and who I am today, I hope. If you want to take a look at them I’ve moved them all over to my archiving blog here.

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My new blogpost, pls read, rate and respond.

It’s that time of the year again; kids, adults – but mostly kids (wait, adults?) frolicking around the neighborhood in dazzling costumes in the dark evening, knocking on random doors belonging to someone they don’t know and what all hope to achieve thanks to their efforts; a handful of treats that’ll rot their cavities away the next day. 95% of the time, no one will answer the door or perhaps, they would, though they would just stare at the people standing before their property and promptly closing the door shut as if no one was there. Maybe that’s just me when I went trick or treating back in the day (my parents were very angry at me cutting up my bed sheets that night). If you have no idea what I’m on about and your senses are as dense and deep as the Mariana trench – it’s goddamn Halloween. Continue reading “My new blogpost, pls read, rate and respond.”



“ is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.”

That’s right guys, I am a happy 12-17 year old animu blogging girl.

Contain your orgasms, please.

Hello world!

it-sa me, nyarth!

Welcome to my new ‘second phase’ blog. We have cake, tea, and magical maids for your first arrival to my new crib.

Unlike my previous blog, I intend to focus more on sophisticated, meaningful and in-depth posts in my new blog; centering around anime, manga, games, and anything relating to those sorts and such while holding back on the usual episodic and manga chapter posts I always do. Hayate no Gotoku is an exception, of course. The problem now is whether I have the time and motivation to produce such things.

Needless to say, stay tuned for new content.

Moving to a new blog

I’ve always considered doing this ever since the day after I created this blog (which was WAAAAAAAY back in 2009 just so you know) but my spontaneous obsessive compulsive disorder as well as my site stats e-penis held me back all these years.

And finally, the time has come. Excluding all those other ‘spinoff’ blogs I made which turned out as utter failures and 528 mundane blog posts posted, I am making my first formal migration to a new blog.

You may have already knew of this as I already updated my Twitter link on my profile minutes after I created the new site (or not).

Note that I won’t be migrating any of my existing posts in this blog to my new blog as before. I want to start fresh even if it means I’ll lose my 300 or so views per day following, also another reason of moving is that my capacity limit of images I can upload to WordPress has almost capped to 3GB, and I’m just too lazy to upload to Photobucket or Imageshack as a third party host.

Nyarth dot wordpress dot com (the site you’re on, like, now) will still be up and alive for now for people to backlog/archive my posts (if anyone is willing to that) but will no longer be updated.

The new site is still rather… new, and no, this does not mean I’ll be back to crazy blogging like many months… and years… and moons ago. But don’t worry guys, I still love the animes~

Well, it’s been swell guys. If you still want to follow me then you are welcomed to follow me on my new [Phrase 2]blog linked below:

And my Twitter too if you’re interested.


Stay hungry, stay baka.



“Afterwards, Meowth decided to travel with Ash and his friends, only for Iris to attempt to capture him in a Poké Ball. The capture nearly succeeded but Meowth broke out and told her he was going to help her regardless. Ever since, it seems to have become a running gag that he ends up in a Poké Ball at one point in an episode, as Iris tried twice (one of which was because Meowth didn’t want a Purrloin to get caught), and by Cliff. However, in BW047, it was revealed that Meowth’s being fired was fake and all just one of Team Rocket’s schemes to capture Ash’s and friend’s Pokémon.”

“However, in BW047, it was revealed that Meowth’s being fired was fake and all just one of Team Rocket’s schemes to capture Ash’s and friend’s Pokémon.”

“Meowth’s being fired was fake.”

“Just one of Team Rocket’s schemes to capture Ash’s and friend’s Pokémon.”


Thanks to mahahaha for pointing this monstrousity out. But even still I like the name so I’ll stick with “Farewell Nyarth” in the long run.

And also sadly I cannot promise to continue the Hayate chapter blogposts I make each week due to the heavy demand of homework I’ve been getting (damn A levels). This comes apparent as I’m forced to drop a few animes this season before I even watch them >_> Now I’m just watching the second seasons/continuations of anime I watched in the past, Haganai and two others that I forgot their names.

Shocking Notice

Just another update: Now entered my season of exams. Thanks guys for the good lucks! Much appreciated!!

Another update: Happy 3rd Birthday! 3 years of activeness and counting~ Thank you everyone for your fabulous support! Be sure to follow my Twitter if you want some high quality tweeting spam in your timeline!

Sad as it may be I’ll unfortunately be taking an actual hiatus from blogging due to upcoming exams which are actually somewhat important, meaning I’ll have no proper time to write any more new material for this site as I’ll be revising as well as questing in Flyff; as my official exam-revision-break-pastime activity (‘Nyarth’ on Lawolf server – ADD ME!), and also some anime if low on my daily dose.

Sorry if this causes great concern (heh) but fear not as I’ll be back sometime in the middle of June once exams are entirely over, finally graduating high school and become a FREE MAN. From then it’s party taim until September as I’ll be starting Sixth Form (top-tier college in the UK) for the next two years until I hit Uni. *wipes tears from eyes* How time flies by.

Anyways, I must be going now. Those saddened by my leave (lol) are welcome to follow my Twitter as I’ll be occasionally micro-blogging anime I’ll be watching live as it happens, not that I already do it now…

I shall be back.

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