And in other Baka-related news…

Shonen Ace says Baka Test will have an OVA released before the second season sequel releasing early next year in 2011. That is all.


Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 13 FINALE

Continuing on where episode 12 had left off, Class A (more like Yuuko) had made a sneak attack on Yuuji’s summoned being, which makes Class A the victor. This episode picks up when Class F’s classroom is yet again downgraded, from used orange distribution boxes to crippled sketching boards commonly used in art, not forgetting that Class F is again put in probation from summoning any ESBs for yet another three months. Akihisa is quite bummed about the defeat due to the fact that they let their guard down right at the last minute of the climatic battle and tries to do something about this.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 12

A continuation from the last episode, Class F is on a winning streak after defeating Class D and B, and attempts to finish off their streak by declaring a rematch to Class A as well as defeating them. After a delightful morning where Akihisa is greeted by photos of luxurious food under his pillow and a cunning video of his sister eating steak in a bikini, school had already begun (which was also the day Class F were to declare war to Class A).

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 08/09: ESB Glitches and Akira Yoshii and 2000 Porn Magazines

At last this special double combo episodic post in complete! Apologies to all (well, to anyone who reads my blog) about failing to post the 8th episodic thread of Baka Test last week due to me migrating to a new laptop (which I’ll review this weekend). So to make it up this post will cover last weeks episode and also this weeks recent episode (In my opinion THE BEST EPISODE OF BAKA TEST YET!) I say this in every episodic post imo, but it really is so I just can’t help myself, Nyahaha. Baka Test just reached a new level of weirdness and at the same time, funny!

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 07

In a direct continuation of episode five, Yuuji (forced) and Shouka go out on a date to Kisaragi Grand Park, as it seems as though Yoshi gave the premium tickets (including a mock wedding event) to Shouka behind the scenes. There, two supposedly unknown staff members greet the two as they walk into the “grand” park in a spectacular way, whom Yuuji immediately sees through the two being Hideyoshi and Yoshii.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 06

Summer has arrive at Fumizuki Academy, and due to Yoshii and Yuji sneaking into the school’s pool for a free bathing session after not being satisfied of Yoshii’s shower containing only cold water and his house overall, the two are sentenced to cleaning the pool on the weekend. Mizuki, Shimada, Hideyoshi, Tsuchida, Shouka and Hazuki decide to tag along and turn the cleaning session into something on the lines of a pool party. As they all go into the changing rooms to change into their swimsuits, Hideyoshi gets told to go into the female’s changing room, as they believe that he’s a girl for his appearance despite being a guy, only till Yuuji pointed out that there’s a changing room specifically for Hideyoshi, thus creating a new brand of gender surpassing males and females (lol).

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 05

Don’t worry, it’s a GUY (for those suspicious about the above image). No words to explain how super awesome and hilarious this episode is. Despite no new character arrivals, Baka Test episode five will surely brighten up your utmost depressing and stressful day (for those like me, that is…). But anyway, here’s my full summary of Baka Test Period Five.

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